Apple to unveil iPhone 5S and iPad 5 during June 29th special event

“Apple is going to celebrate 6 years since the launch of the original iPhone, presented by Steve Jobs in San Francisco on June 29th, 2007,” Adam Landonn reports for Technorati.

Gizmorati‘s Matthew Lucas reports that an Apple inside source told the tech news publication ‘the iPhone 5S and the iPad 5 will be unveiled during a special event called ‘Original Passion, New Ideas’, on June 29, 2013,'” Landonn reports. “He also reports that Apple will celebrate iPhone’s 6-year anniversary since the smartphone was unveiled by Steve Jobs, and the unveiling of the new devices, iPad 5 and iPhone 5S by Tim Cook.”

Landonn reports, “The iPhone 5 was the last model to receive detailed input from Jobs, according to Businessweek.”

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MacDailyNews Take: If you planned on celebrating 6 years of iPhone, wouldn’t you do it with an “iPhone 6,” not an “iPhone 5S”?


      1. eh…either way it was just gonna be yet another row of icons (that thing gets any longer, it’s gonna need a condom–hahahaa –that’s what she said…….no….that’s Literally what she said—–) and an even more wafer thin iPad this time with a Cornea resolution display and yet another even more proprietary connector–cause that usb mini thing is just too ubikwit…yubiqwit……….all over the place…….a GED is a terrible thing to waste.

      2. they had particular pattern to announce new product in the past during Steve era. but it’s not anymore. it’s Tim Cook. he isn’t care which date if they are ready to release, then do it. but I don’t expect any innovation on those because all new function, technology are already found in android now. of course, they could change design little bit, and replace faster CPU or GPU, more memory, etc. these are all they have done so far. no innovation. shame on apple.

  1. Maybe they got the announcement tangled up with the launch date. I could see it announced sometime earlier in June and then launching June 29th, commemorating 6 years since the original iDay.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. “Original Passion” strikes me as a possible Apple event title–I can come up with half a dozen oblique references it could be making. But “Original Passion, New Ideas” is just lame.

  2. Regardless. Apple doesn’t celebrate historical events. That goes against forward thinking. They’ll mention those dates as it pertains to a new product’s launch, but not to celebrate or honor a specific date. Look at the 10 year anniversary of Apple retail, barely a blip. We, the fans, celebrate Apple’s notable dates for them. Tim and the gang keep pushing for the future and we love them for it.

    1. Actually, Apple did celebrate anniversaries before the return of Steve Jobs — think TAM among others. No one other than Tim Cook and a few others knows if Apple will start to do so again. However, six years seems like a very unusual anniversary to restart celebrating such things.

      1. Unusual, I would agree. But probably not unexpected. Seems people will celebrate any “year” anniversary of just about anything, just as an excuse to celebrate something, no matter how trivial or mundane. Guess it is important to them though.

  3. So far no one was able to predict such Apple events even as close as 10 days ahead. Now someone claims to have “sources” more than 3 months ahead? I don’t buy this s…

    1. Yes, but why leave it there? The device should be a WiFi-only companion to a larger iPhone. iPhone Plus/iPod touch XL. That should be the plan. If it can work as an iPod then it can work as an iPhone.

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