Hands-on: Tizen OS looks a lot like Android, which means it looks a lot like Apple’s iOS (with video)

“We’ve gone hands-on for our first proper look at Tizen, an operating system backed by Samsung and Intel as well as other major mobile players, and that could help the mobile industry cut its ties with Google,” Rich Trenholm writes for CNET.

“Tizen lives under the shadow of Android and iOS, the two dominant mobile phone operating systems. And like rival Android challenger Firefox OS, it’s very similar to those rivals at first glance,” Trenholm writes. “Unlike, say, Windows Phone, there’s been no effort to come up with an interface or experience that’s even slightly different from what we’re used to. There’s a home screen with a grid of apps, pull-down notifications, and various other elements that are all too familiar.”

Trenholm writes, “It seems Samsung want to have its cake and eat it: break away from Android, but do it without alienating customers who have got used to the way Android works. Samsung is the biggest manufacturer of mobile phones in the world thanks to the combination of Google’s Android software and Samsung’s Galaxy hardware; but the next stage in Samsung’s plan for world domination is to get its hands on the revenue currently channeled to Google through apps, games and music and movie downloads from Google Play.”

Much more in the full article, with direct link to video, here.

MacDailyNews Take: A copy of a bad copy. Hey, it’s like a game of “Telephone,” where each successive retelling only gets worse. Yum!

Now all we need is for Google to sue Samsung for knocking off their stolen product.

We’ve seen this all before, only better, because we’re Day One iPhone users, not cheapskates who’d settle for pretend iPhones.

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    1. Google opened a can of worms didn’t they?

      In the end, Samsung is building leverage for itself (vs Android). Its competitor is basically itself with Android… They are going to figure a way to get THEIR Ad profits… since they are basically giving away some of their Galaxys

      Apple people in general stick with Apple… so the only ones worrying are at Google…

    1. Actually, watch the video. There’s a good idea with the camera called a “burst shot,” where if you press and hold the camera button it takes a bunch of still shots in rapid succession.

      I also liked accessing Settings from the notification screen and moving frequently used settings to the top.

      Speed and responsiveness blew and lack of folders or dockable items suggests that they plan on no third parties writing apps.

      1. There were some good ideas in Tizen and hopefully iOS will come up a few notch’s with great ideas of it’s own in future versions. I noticed when my kids bought Samsung Galaxy SIII’s (couldn’t stop ’em) that the flash is much more dispersed and looks better than my iP5 too. The iP5 flash seems to focus it’s energy too much in the center and often is too hot. So iOS and iPhone hardware can certainly be improved and I say that as a diehard Apple fan. I look forward to continuing Apple refinements.

      2. Yeah… My HTC One has burst shot and pretty much all android versions 4.2+ have setting from the notification panel, and yes you can add shortcuts to android desktop if you want to on pretty much any android version. as far as 3rd party apps, I saw a video of “Tizen” running android apps.

  1. “After all those years in development, I’d hoped for something that was A) less obviously in its infancy, and B) less of a copycat.”

    As someone who enjoys technology I said the same EXACT thing when “Android” was first released. The only difference now is Android is less in its infancy.

    To the author, welcome to the world of smart phones operating systems!

    1. Android was no knockoff, its entirely open source making it customizable to individual preferences. In reference to “knock off”
      Microsoft was founded a year before mac so figure that one out.
      Apple fan boys will never have the features and usability found in Googles Android OS and Tizen is just a stupid attempt for samsung to try and become the next Apple.

  2. “Tizen OS looks a lot like Android”

    What a STUPID statement. Real statement… “Tizen OS looks a lot like iOS”.

    All these companies don’t seem to have one original thought between them.

    1. Not true, Google only makes money from ads, Android is free and completely open source making it possible for any company to use it on their device. I highly doubt Tizen will be around very long, and I am willing to bet Samsung doesnt move from Android entirely, Tizen phones will most likely

      1. Google doesn’t make much revenue from Android, in fact it makes more from iOS. I think this is what Ethan was referring to. The largest chunk of their revenue comes from desktop search.

  3. maybe samesung is going to copy the google search engine, too, and offer that as an alternative to google… now they can charge google to get on a copied OS…. will google pay?

  4. I guess this will be the next OS Wall Street will be pumping up as another rival OS to put Apple out of the smartphone business. Wall Street seems to be really pumping up that S. Korean company despite it’s listed on the KOSDAQ. One good thing about Tizen, if Samsung decides to sell a lot of smartphones using that OS, it will cause Android to lose some market share which will make it appear as though iOS has gained some market share.

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