Apple surges ahead of Google in mobile ads

“Mobile ad network Adfonic said that Apple accounted for 37% of all mobile ad impressions on its network in the third quarter, with Samsung the second-most popular at 24%, and the rest trailing some ways behind,” Anindya Batabyal reports for The Motley Fool. “It is interesting and informative to see what happened in the fourth quarter. In its AdMetrics report, Adfonic notes that Apple increased its lead over Samsung by three percentage points without much impact from the iPhone 5, which only hit the market at the end of the third quarter. It was quite impressive for Apple in the fourth quarter. With Apple’s iOS enjoying both higher click-through rates and eCPMs than Android, Apple has won the overall mobile OS popularity contest amongst both advertisers and users in the fourth quarter, at least according to mobile ad platform MoPub.”

“Ads that run on Apple’s iPhone command significantly higher prices than those on Android, and way higher prices than any other mobile platform, according to a report from mobile browser maker Opera Software, which also operates a mobile ad network,” Batabyal reports. “The iPhone leads the smartphone OS pack with an average eCPM of $2.85… followed by Android devices (at $2.10). The rest of the mobile phone field is significantly behind these two. The iPad in particular gets the highest effective cost per 1,000 impressions (eCPM) of all devices — $3.96 to the iPhone’s $2.85 and Android’s $2.10.”

atabyal writes, “Apple has really taken out a significant chunk of Google’s market. It will affect the Google ecosystem, putting it back in the same game of their apps lagging behind Apple, and that’s not a good position for them to be in.

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MacDailyNews Take: We love the smell of Google rue in the morning

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Bill” for the heads up.]

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  1. Well and Google has itself created the monster in Samsung making it possible for them to steal away ad share from Google using their own Android OS. Hah! I suspect Google will not let this stand and there will be a riff between Google and Samsung coming to a head. Life is good.

  2. MDN says. “We love the smell of Google rue in the morning ”

    To Google who replied “How is that thermonuclear war going for you?” I would say,,,, just fine….. just fine. Its not the blast…. its the lingering radiation. LOL

    Just t thought.

  3. Just you watch all the MS shills on other sites (maybe here too) try to spin this as a bad thing.. “Look…Apple iOS users get hit with more ads than others! Didn’t Gruber say ads were bad?” As if, somehow it’s not a direct correlate of use…more use = more pages viewed = more ads viewed thereby demonstrating that iOS users actually…gosh…USE their device for more than just making calls. There are people out there paid to spin any story in the worst possible way for Apple….I mean both bloggers and the astroturfers who show up in comments sections. ZDNet is rife with this abuse. does show the level of desperation emanating from Redmond.

  4. Oh, the art or misdirection… And Apple is a master of it.

    While everyone is glued at the legal battle, Apple is attacking at the core of Google’s business. The eternal beta, one trick pony is going to feel the thermonuclear where it hurts.

    1. Think about this: does Google make money on ads? Yes. They are actually the one paying the website. (E.G. MDN). They make money placing the ad. It’s their main source of revenue. Now Apple is doing the same thing… and beating them on mobile, which is the future.

      1. I’m really sort of puzzled about how Apple is winning over Google in any way at all when you compare Google’s share price and P/E to Apple’s. It seems to me as though Google is wiping the floor with Apple. I’m being totally honest. Google’s share price is $200 more than Apple’s and has nearly twice the P/E. Larry Page is laughing his ass off over Apple’s incompetency in everything. Wall Street certainly indicates by valuation that Google is a far better long-term investment than Apple is. So, how is Apple beating Google at anything. Do you honestly think Apple shareholders feel that Apple is beating Google? I doubt it very much. As an Apple shareholder, I don’t see it at all. Over the past year, Apple is only up slightly more than Google which is hardly anything to boast about.

        1. I am taking your questions as serious ones.

          Share price does not indicate one company “winning” over another.
          Apple has about 900+ million shares outstanding, at $500/share, the total value of Apple is about $450 Billion dollars.

          Google has about 330 million shares held by investors. At $705/share, google has a value of about $232 Billion.

          Apple is the much bigger company, in fact the company (publicly held) with the largest market cap in the world. Apple also has the 18th highest annual revenue of all companies. Google doesn’t show up in a st of the top 60

          P/E ratios
          The higher the number the riskier the investment. So let google have the highest number.

          Also apple’s P/E does account for its $120+ Billion in cash and equivalents. Backing that out gives apple an even lower P/E.

          Apple wins!

  5. Well, all I can say is keep enjoying your ads on Apple devices! Those of us on Android have discovered how to eliminate them: 1) Buy the paid app when available which is ad free, and 2) Use AdFreeAndroid to block 90% of the rest in ad supported only apps and on web pages.

      1. Zeke, hush! It’s awesome that Android makes is super easy to get rid of ads. Less revenue for Google, right? And while “Jo” might actually pay for apps on Android, statistically that’s not so common.

      2. AdBlock, yeah. Requires jailbreak, which 99% of iOS users aren’t technically competent enough to do, plus voids your warranty. Ghostery, yeah. A whopping 106 reviews on the iTunes store – wildly popular app! Oh, and it’s a separate browser too (and one that crashes frequently). Nice option. And how do either of these eliminate annoying ads in apps that don’t offer an ad-free option? Like I said, just keep enjoying your ads on your iOS devices, twit!

        1. Unlike most Android users, I (and most iPhone users) don’t tolerate apps that aren’t ad free. I can afford to pay for my apps. And all of my iPhones are jailbroken, but again, though I know how to do it, it’s not worth my time so I pay somebody else $20 to do it for me.

            1. Don’t need no friggin system wide block. That’s how you attract virus. Need only browser block and AS I SAID, we can afford to buy ad free apps!!

              Why is it so hard to explain this shit to a fucking droid!

            2. Calm down Paul. The app store is full of great apps for nearly any purpose. I’m sure you can find a good one to help you deal with your anger management issues. And I’m sure you can afford it too!

    1. Anything you can do we can do better. Except, Virus’s and malware and shoddy use of screen real estate due to fragmandroid.

      Enjoy your virus of the day. Followed by Malware of the day. All while running your apps that look like a horses head chasing its rear.

      1. Sorry, 2 years on Android and I have yet to find a virus or any malware. Is it there? Sure. Is it easy as pie to avoid? You bet. So I’ll enjoy my mobile experience virus-free and ad-free, thank you.

          1. Well keep the rose colored glasses on then. If you’re an idiot, then sure you can find a virus on Android – just like on any other platform including iOS or OSX. But for any reasonable person with an Android device, it really isn’t an issue!

            1. Another lie!

              Little children confronted with porn after opening their android christmas gift. That must have been nice! All kinds of android anti virus apps
              out there. Just search and see how many you can find for android.

              Fact is you probably don’t even know you got gonorrhoea let alone a phone bug.

        1. Like the way you avoided the FRAGMANDROID issue.

          Sad to say I have some friends who went the cheap route with a droid and are now really regretting the choice. They can’t even upgrade to the latest version of…..what is it now,,,candy floss(?)…dental floss(?)…doughnut(?)…chicken sandwich(?)…I can’t remember, but anyway, they are stuck with whatever they got a year ago. One friend even asked me if had got a new phone, when all I did was update to the latest OS. The other thing they keep saying is….,”how come this website looks so much better on your phone”. When I say, “Because my phone is not FRAGMANDROIDED”, they are even more pissed off.

          Oh while you are at it…could you post a picture of yourself with the bigger screen stuck on the side of your face. Don’t worry, we don’t want to see your face we just want to see that the phone is big enough to cover your ugly mug.

          1. Not gonna argue with you about fragmentation – it really is the single biggest problem with Android right now. Not viruses, not lack of quality apps, and on newer Android versions not even the quality of the OS itself. Although once problematic for some on Android, I really haven’t seen any issues here. But fragmentation IS A HUGE ISSUE. I believe some companies (i.e., Samsung) may be getting a handle on this. They’re moving to fewer models of handsets, and selling more of them. This may allow them to provide better upgrade support. The Galaxy S III has had great OS update support. But time will tell if this continues for the next few years.

            But the topic here is ads, and my experience tells me that they are much easier to eliminate on Android than iOS (yes, I must admit that I have 4 iPhones and an iPad 2 in addition to a slew of Android phones and tablets in my house). Why MDN would tout iOS ads as a benefit of the platform is beyond me – ads are most certainly not a benefit on any mobile device!

            1. quality of apps is an issue. even tho im using latest Note many apps are not optimized to use screen properly. all buttons overlap and those are unusable.

            2. Also Google Now which is part of 4.1 is not available for a latest buy of Note….Samsung is more concentrated on selling new phones than upgrading old phones…so money seems their priority than customer satisfaction.

            3. ——Also Google Now which is part of 4.1 is not available for a latest buy of Note….Samsung is more concentrated on selling new phones than upgrading old phones…so money seems their priority than customer satisfaction.—-

    1. Every Android phone Samsung sells steals away yet more ad views from Google. And as somebody else pointed out, a customer who spends $100 is 100 times more valuable than a customer who spends $1, to Google. All the $100 customers are on Apple products, and the advertisers have noticed that fact. That’s why Google’s cents-per-click rates are declining rapidly. Oh, and customers with 0$ to spend? They don’t even count as far as Google is concerned.

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