Smash hit: Apple ups iPad mini orders by 2 million units for Christmas quarter

“Apple has recently increased its iPad mini orders from eight million units to 10 million due to strong sales worldwide, and the volume may reach 12 million units in total,” Aaron Lee and Joseph Tsai report for DigiTimes, citing “sources from the upstream supply chain.”

“The sources pointed out that the upstream supply chain supplied 4-4.5 million iPad mini’s worth of components in both October and November and will maintain similar supplies in December,” Lee and Tsai report. “As for the first quarter of 2013, the sources expect volumes to stay at about the same level as in the fourth quarter of 2012.”

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      1. That depends on how you define “best.” It’s not the best in terms of specifications. It may be the best, in terms of general usability (depending on user). It may be the best in terms of value (“bang for buck”).

        I was at the local Apple store yesterday. When I walked in, customers were playing with every iPad mini on display. No one was playing with any of the larger iPads. One thing is for sure… It is the best (for Apple) in terms of current popularity.

        I predict that during the next two years, the 10-inch iPad will go away. It will be replaced by a 12-inch iPad with a 3200×2400 Retina Display, that weighs the same as the current Retina iPad. Then, the Apple tablet lineup will be 12-inch iPad, 8-inch iPad mini, and 4-inch iPod touch.

      1. The analysts don’t like Apple’s market cap.

        The US is a debt economy. The banks only make money by selling debt. And wall steer is a big bank.

        If apple would just take a $1B loan out somewhere, so the bank and Wall Street can make their 8% or have a number to plug into that variable that is messing up their spreadsheet, their song would change.

        People ask why Wall Street doesn’t like Apple. The answer is obvious.

  1. Wait just a big fat minute! Why, it was just the other day that Apple stock took a dive because “upstream” checks revealed that component orders had been cut due to poor mini sales. It’s like you can’t believe what an analyst tells you any more.

  2. Without big boys’ coming back, AAPL is broken and stays range-bound (490 – 535). Valid good news continues to be ignored while bogus bad news/rumor gets all the attention. Big boys have been dumping the stock since earnings and still staying away although valuation is at depressed level and holiday sales can’t be better.

    Shorts and hedgies have successfully convinced investors that Apple business model is broken and it takes more than one quarter of robust earnings to disprove their narrative. That’s why investors are discounting the current quarter’s earnings and continue to sell into any rally.

    I took a profit and exited AAPL early today.

    1. Same people who said that the original iPad would flop, that the iPhone was too big and it would be impossible to type on a touch screen, and that the iPod had no wireless and less space than a Nomad.

  3. the original iPad was too big for my uses so I was happy to see it shrunk down. Now hopefully the make a bigger iPhone. Even at 4″ inches it’s much too small for me. Samsung must be happy as hell at the stubbornness of Apple for ceding this market to them.

      1. Yup yup. Add google laughing too. You never hear anyone care that the iPhone is thin either. Everyone puts a case on it. Which I personally think is so silly. So if apple had a big screen with a thick 48 hour batt it would sell at a high price. I’d buy it. Simply put people do more on the iPhone now than five years ago and need a bigger screen and longer battery life. I need the iPhone pro.

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