Apple ‘iTV’ tests underway at Hon Hai; products could be displayed at CES next month, says source

“Initial testing of Apple Inc.’s television sets have gotten underway at Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., a source at the Taiwan-based company said Wednesday,” Chung Jung-feng and Sofia Wu report for CNA.

“Hon Hai, the world’s largest contract electronics maker, has declined to respond to the reports, saying that it never comments on specific business deals with any single client,” Chung and Wu report. “However, the Hon Hai source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the initial phase of tests on the TVs has kicked off.”

Chung and Wu report, “The source also predicted that Apple TV shipments could be huge and that new Apple TV-related products might be put on display at the well-known international consumer electronics trade fair, CES, to be held in Las Vegas in January… Apple CEO Tim Cook told NBC News recently that the company’s interest in TV has grown beyond a ‘hobby.’ ‘It’s an area of intense interest,’ Cook said. ”

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MacDailyNews Take: Take this report with a couple truckloads of salt.


      1. Yes can really see them give the opposition many weeks or months of warning about a product that would need to be distinct and well ahead of the competition to take off. Samsung would probably get a (baddish) copy out before Apple and boast innovation and being first as Amstrad still does with the Newton.

  1. I buy TVs like every 10 years, if not longer. I got a 55 inch Sony 3D HDTV OLED 1080p PhD Notorious BIG blah blah blah that won’t need replacing anytime soon. How the hell is Apple going to milk yearly upgrades out of a television?

    1. And yet… there are still companies that sell TVs… so weird.

      Apple doesn’t have to sell you a new TV every year. They just need to meet margin expectations on a single TV.

      With TVs, both weight and power consumption are less important. Look for Apple to compete in the Sony XBR range of televisions.

      Under Steve Jobs, I think they would wait for the 4K (Ultra HD) market to establish itself.

      Under Tim Cook, I think they MAY be market leaders and introduce a 4K TVs in either gen 1 (2013) or Gen 2 (2014).

      Either way, they’ll price it more competetively… maybe about $3,000?

      1. Let’s hope they don’t compete like Sony does in the XBR range – Sony’s television division has lost $8,457,000,000 over the last 8 years – Hirai is actually thinking about completely killing their TV offerings – and has already cut back on the number of televisions they offer.

        I personally still don’t think that an Apple television set will set the world on fire, but… I also didn’t think the iPad mini would be a huge success, so who knows?

  2. No, this is true. i am a test subject. We’ve been watching reruns of “Married with Children” and the “Flintstones”.

    The great new user interface is remarkable. There are no controls.

    You watch what they tell you to.

      1. In 1961, the Flintstones was the first animated series nominated for an Emmy in Outstanding Program Achievement in the Field of Humor.

        Depending on age, possibly you may have been watching the Jetsons instead and missed the occasional Bedrock bedlam series, AB.

        Not to be missed, certainly decades later kudos on your starring role … 😉

  3. I wouldn’t buy an Apple TV for the same reason I won’t ever buy an iMac with a built-in monitor. I already have a really nice one that I have no intention of parting with anytime soon. Now if it’s something I can use with my existing TV, that’s another story.

      1. It’s a Samsung 54″ DLP. They no longer make DLP TVs, and IMO the picture quality and black levels are better than any LCD or plasma TV I’ve seen. So while it’s not exactly magical, something from Apple would have to be extremely compelling for me to sacrifice what I’m already very pleased with. On the other hand, something I could use with my current TV that offers me a reasonably-priced subscription service with current movies (Netflix doesn’t offer that), would be another story. Add to that some great, new Apple innovation, and I’d be sold.

  4. Well, if they’re to show their TV there it could be TC’s secret plan to end global warming. Too, it could be that the poles will shift from SJ spinning in his grave.


  5. This is the new Apple with a new CEO at the helm… Be careful about dismissing things because Apple never did it before… Like apologize, appear on interview media … I could go on… And remember Apple is really now a consumer electronics company ….CES is the showcase for those in that industry….

  6. Is it really that hard to see that Apple isn’t on the CES keynote lineup? Is it really that hard to see that Apple doesn’t have booth space at CES?

    Literally 2 clicks off the CES homepage reveals that Apple is not listed.

  7. I do not “need” new TV (my 50 inch plasma is great), but will buy an Apple HDTV the moment it is released because it will be groundbreaking. I fully expect it to have a snap-in module that one will upgrade every couple of years that houses the cpu and solid state drive.

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