Apple’s Passbook an amazing success for developers

“Apple’s Passbook feature of iOS 6 has become a surprise hit for developers,” Christina Bonnington reports for Wired.

“American Airlines and cosmetics retailer Sephora are among the big-name companies that have developed apps for Passbook and seen them downloaded by the tens of thousands since it was announced in Jun,” Bonnington reports. “Passbook also plays nicely with Eventbrite, Ticketmaster and Square. Apple doesn’t say how many apps have been developed for Passbook, but 22 are featured in the curated ‘Apps for Passbook’ section of the App Store.”

Bonnington reports, “‘We were amazed at the high uptake,’ Phil Easter, American Airlines’ director of mobile apps said. ‘Apple has allowed an app developer like us is to put features right in front of the user where before, that space was off limits’ … ‘When Passbook was originally announced, we looked at it as a potential threat to our business,’ Belly CEO Logan LaHive said. ‘Instead, we found it was the perfect complement to what we were doing… ‘We see Passbook growing rapidly; it’s driving a huge amount of downloads in our app,’ LaHive said, noting that Belly saw a tenfold increase in app downloads when Passbook launched.”

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  1. I use it at Starbucks every day, use the SPG one often (I travel a lot… 🙁 ), and used it at Walgreens for the first time earlier this week. I wish Delta would get their Passbook integration working, but the Delta app itself is great, so no real complaints there.

    Passbook has been one of those things that just speeds up the process a little more, and makes something that was already convenient (by launching the proper app) even more so.

    And this is infinitely better than carrying all those damn cards around with me.

  2. I use it for my United boarding boarding pass when I travel (several times per month). Works well. Doesn’t always update seat changes or gate changes quickly but I think that is due to either slow Internet or overloaded servers.

  3. I use the Apple Store, Ticketmaster, American Airlines, and Fandango app, but Passbook Still doesn’t do anything. I keep thinking I misconfigured something, but I can’t figure out what.

  4. Don’t know if this is Apples fault or the developers but I have the Ciniplex app, I purchase tickets all time with it and it is supposed to support Passbook. The way it was presented by Apple when I show up at the theater and turn on my iPhone the tickets should show up, instead I have to hunt for the tickets. Most times I just end up going to the App.

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