“Apple announced today that they sold 3 million iPad Mini (Wi-Fi version) and fourth generation iPads in three days. Through some smart discussions with some folks who track supply chain shipments, I estimate that around 1.7 to 2 million of those were iPad Mini’s,” Ben Bajarin writes for TechPinions. “Call it an educated guess. Any sane person who saw the product in person and understands the value of tablets to the end consumer, would not be surprised with the Mini’s success. I have a hunch the iPad mini will be one of the hottest sellers this holiday season.”

“I have had the iPad Mini since Friday and I have observed some interesting things,” Bajarin writes. “My wife and kids already prefer the iPad Mini over its larger brother. I still use the iPad heavily but I have integrated it into my life in ways most have not and depend on it for a large percentage of my computing tasks. What makes the mini such a delight to use is how easy it is to hold… For many it will be the perfect iPad.”

Bajarin writes, “I have seen people using their iPads at the beach, park, walking in the city, etc., but now having used the Mini, I think this product has a shot at being the iPad we see being used out in public regularly. The case for this ultra-mobile iPad may be made even stronger with the WAN connected Mini’s and could spur entirely new usage models for pervasively connected mobile computers…. [plus] the iPad Mini could very well be the device that brings Apple into an entirely new level as a gaming platform.”

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