Apple’s iPad mini and ultra-mobile computing

“Apple announced today that they sold 3 million iPad Mini (Wi-Fi version) and fourth generation iPads in three days. Through some smart discussions with some folks who track supply chain shipments, I estimate that around 1.7 to 2 million of those were iPad Mini’s,” Ben Bajarin writes for TechPinions. “Call it an educated guess. Any sane person who saw the product in person and understands the value of tablets to the end consumer, would not be surprised with the Mini’s success. I have a hunch the iPad mini will be one of the hottest sellers this holiday season.”

“I have had the iPad Mini since Friday and I have observed some interesting things,” Bajarin writes. “My wife and kids already prefer the iPad Mini over its larger brother. I still use the iPad heavily but I have integrated it into my life in ways most have not and depend on it for a large percentage of my computing tasks. What makes the mini such a delight to use is how easy it is to hold… For many it will be the perfect iPad.”

Bajarin writes, “I have seen people using their iPads at the beach, park, walking in the city, etc., but now having used the Mini, I think this product has a shot at being the iPad we see being used out in public regularly. The case for this ultra-mobile iPad may be made even stronger with the WAN connected Mini’s and could spur entirely new usage models for pervasively connected mobile computers…. [plus] the iPad Mini could very well be the device that brings Apple into an entirely new level as a gaming platform.”

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  1. How smart Apple was not to succumb to short-term analyst whining for lower prices. They’ve hit another home run. They have a whole new business line here. Imagine if they had screwed their own margins thinking they had something less than that on their hands.

    1. Yep, the iPad mini is the future of mainstream consumer computing. The screen aspect ratio is the real killer feature. I have no doubt most Android tablets will switch over to this aspect ratio very quickly. Watching movies on small devices should not be prioritized above all else. It is not the optimal device for it in the first place.

  2. Apple said mini tablet is DOA but now they twist their words. They now copy others into making mini tablet hoping to win the race but consumer knows that it’s just a tablet not even a pc. After awhile they get bored with it. Thousands of apps but only a handful are useful. Nothing last forever…….

    1. Actually Steve Jobs said the 7 inch tablet was DOA. He was later convinced to build the smaller form tablet. He quite often changed his mind. Don’t we all? He would love the iPad mini I’m certain. And why? Because it’s made by Apple. It’s not a Nexus 7. It’s a bigger. Had Apple been able to build the iPad mini when it introduced the original iPad, there would be no competition. None. As it is, there is competition at the bottom. That’s unfortunate. We’ll see how that goes in the future. The iPad mini should make it difficult for those companies needing to make a profit on their tablets. Such as Microsoft. Amazon and Google sell tablets with a different motive than profit. Amazon uses it as a gateway to all that they sell and Google needs tablets for ads. So they would have probably developed tablets regardless of what Apple did. But when given a choice I believe people will try to buy the iPad mini if they can afford it. Price does matter to many people. It’s just a fact of life. An extra 50 or $100 means a lot to a lot of people out there. I’m guessing that when the next mini comes out Apple will be able to drop this one to compete with the lower-priced tablets to some degree. I don’t think people will get tired of them though. I have had all three iPad versions and seldom use my desktop. I love my iPad.

    2. Trolls keep saying Apple didn’t want to build 7″ tablets but now Apple does, and make it sounds like Apple has been lying. But they fail to mention that what Apple does now is not 7″ tablets but 7.9″ ones. There’s a difference, and it proves to be quite significant.

    3. No. They didn’t twist their words. They built a tablet that was very different from the tiny 5″ tablets that Steve Jobs didn’t think would sell well. He was right. You are wrong.

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