5 iPhone apps for U.S. Election Day 2012

“Tuesday is one of the most important days for the United States in 2012 as the country votes for its president,” Chris Ciaccia11 writes for TheStreet.

“As the country goes to the polls to decide who will be in the White House for the next four years, either President Barack Obama or Governor Mitt Romney, you can keep up to date with the latest news and polls on the go, using these apps designed for your Apple iPhone,” Ciaccia11 writes.

Here are five iPhone apps to help keep you informed and abreast on all the latest election information.

• iDemocrat, Proud Republican: Simple apps that allow you to show your political colors proudly on your iPhone. The free version of the app merely offers a picture of a donkey or an elephant to display on your phone… The iDemocrat app is a free app that gets updated twice a week with stats on how many people have downloaded the apps. You can find and install the app here. The Proud Republican app costs $2.99, but gives you plenty bang for your conservative buck. In the latest version, you get access to talk radio hosts such as Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and others, while also getting updated news feeds from places like Drudge Report and FOX News.

• Election-2012: Offers information on national poll results, live streaming videos, and continuous updates from Hearst Television’s “Live Wire.”

• New York Times Election 2012: This app allows you to access to six free Times articles and is free to download, but after you’ve read the quota you have to sign up for a subscription.

• Politico: (Free) Politico has a slew of journalists breaking news from the White House, Capitol Hill, and lobbyists, as well as how they interact with Wall Street, the media and various personalities.

• Candidates: Match up your opinions with those of the candidate, then hopefully find a candidate that mirrors your own images with this free app.

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  1. Is there an app to stop blowhards dimwits from flooding the Internet with their half assed understandings of government, the economy, and politics? If you find your self blending democrat/liberal/republican with the word retard, you are part of the problem, not the solution. And frankly, it’s a sign of a low IQ IMO.

  2. You don’t need any apps, just open your mailbox, and listen for your phone, plenty of garbage from the repubnants and democats. But then again, who really cares except the fanatics. The 2 party system sucks, end of story.

    1. From The One’s “hope and change” to total disillusionment in 48 short months. I knew that “hope and change” was bullshit immediately, but whatever – although it would have saved us all 4 wasted years.

      1. Right. And if we’d followed the GOP’s “severe austerity” plan that Europe followed, we’d be in the same place as Europe – a double dip recession, contracting economies, unemployment in the high teens to mid twenties and growing. Instead our economy is growing and unemployment is down – and that’s despite the incredible positions taken by the GOP to defeat Obama. One million more Americans would be working right now if the GOP weren’t stalling Obama’s jobs bill. The credit rating wouldn’t have been lowered if the GOP hadn’t played “dare” with the debt limit. They even voted against their own bills if Obama backed them. McConnell’s comments two years ago (putting party politics ahead of the good of the country) were tantamount to treason.
        Read “It’s Even Worse Than It Looks” for a bi-partisan commentary on the behavior and actions of the modern GOP. And read the non-partisan economists’ reports on the state of the economy (and the causes for the state of the economy) instead of simply believing right wing propaganda.

        1. And you’re so sure of this because? Is the U.S. = Europe, a bunch of failed former empires clinging together artificially in order to supposedly “compete” while offerring 3 month vacations, four day workweeks, exorbitant nanny state benefits, etc.?

          You can’t prove Obama did anything positive for the economy – just look at it. Oh, it would have been worse, you claim: Prove it. You can’t.

          Obama’s “jobs bill” is a pile of political bullshit. if you ca’t clearly see it for what it is, you’re too stupid to bother arguing with:

          The AJA’s only certain effect is to make everything worse than it already is by asking Congress to tighten the stranglehold that government regulation has already placed on the economy.

          If you’re willing to open your mind, read the article above and then perhaps we’ll have some common ground upon which to have a discussion.

          Meanwhile: Massive party prep continues! ONE MORE DAY!!!

            1. Au contraire. Happy days are here again for all us very soon, even you misguided Libs!

              I’ve been telling you for months now:
              President Romney and Vice President Ryan. Get used to it!

          1. @F2010: I’m sure of this because I DO read the non-partisan and independent reports, analyses, discussions, etc. I don’t just stick to one sided political propaganda or resort to calling people who don’t agree with me “too stupid to bother arguing with.” That attitude exemplifies the modern GOP. No quarter, no compromise, no accepting as legitimate any position other than its own. So much for democracy. Yet the US political system was designed around compromise. The GOP has has been taken over by name calling extremists and has itself hijacked the political system.
            As for your point that I can’t prove the economy would have been worse under GOP policies: two points. First, the only relevant evidence points to it. Europe did follow those policies and is in a far worse position. Your dismissal of Europe as irrelevant former empires artificially clinging together is insulting, dead wrong, and totally misses the point anyway. I suspect you’ve never lived in Europe and it’s clear you have no idea what you are talking about. We do not live on an isolated island. The world now has a global economy and Europe is a major player which has a huge impact on global issues, whether you like it or not. The issues that faced the US are and were very similar to the issues that faced Europe. The US has recovered far faster than Europe has. Second, you can’t prove it would have been better under GOP policies – especially when almost every country that followed those policies is in a far worse position now than the US is, and they are belatedly changing their policies to follow the US example.

  3. Don’t forget 270toWin, 99¢ for iPad app but free at 270toWin.com.

    Shows you state-by-state who is winning in the polls and who won when it is over. It also shows you state-by-state who won in every election since 1789.

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