Google ‘not optimistic’ Apple will ever approve Google Maps app for iPhone

“Those hoping to see Google Maps return to the iPhone might not want to hold their breath,” Michael Grothaus reports for The Guardian. “Sources at Google familiar with its mapping plans say they are ‘not optimistic’ that Apple will ever approve a dedicated Google Maps iOS app. Though the app is reportedly in development and should be ready to ship by the end of the year, the sources say their plans are only proceeding in ‘the unlikely event’ that Apple will choose to approve the app.”

Grothaus reports, “While one source indicated increased hopes that the dedicated Google Maps iOS app will eventually be approved now that Apple’s maps leader, Scott Forstall, has departed the company, another was less than enthusiastic about any increased prospects, citing industry politics and Apple’s need to save face as much as possible and ‘keep moving forward in an effort to make its obviously inferior product better.’ The source also cites the present organisation of the App Store, which, to them, suggests Apple has little interested in approving an official Google Maps app… Specifically, they point to the lack of any mapping app in the ‘Find maps for your iPhone’ section of the App Store – accessible only via iPhones or iPads – that use the Google Maps APIs to call wirelessly for location, routing or point-of-interest (POI) data.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Google’s obvious bitterness is a sign of mounting regret.

Google’s going to rue the day they got greedy by deciding to try to work against Apple instead of with them.MacDailyNews Take, March 09, 2010

Here’s what Google’s Android looked like before and after Apple’s iPhone:

Google Android before and after Apple iPhone


    1. I do, sadly.
      I’m long time Mac user and I really like apple even when John Scully was on charge ( I had a Performa with TV and PC card, awesome for that time).
      Problem is that small cities like my home town were left out of details or apple chose to give priority to big cities, so the Apple Maps application still inaccurate in here.

        1. Obviously you’re not able to recognize that most people aren’t extremists in their use (or non-use) of a tool.

          I, for one, want a Google Maps app as backup to iOS Maps. I, for one, want some of the details and functionality that iOS maps doesn’t have, and probably never will.

          And no, Gmaps in mobile Safari doesn’t cut it. Among other things, you can’t type in a contact to have their address auto-filled in the search field.

          No, I don’t care that Google can watch very few of my moves and searches, or popup ads. And I definitely don’t care about them including similar-named businesses in map results, sponsored or not–iOS maps ironically already gives me far more undesired business results than Google Maps ever did.

        2. Don’t get me wrong, I do care google tracking me, but I travel a lot and I need a Backup as “MOSSMAN” said. I tried the Open Street application but is too complicated and didn’t find any location that Apple and Google maps do found.

          1. Exactly how small is your city? I know that a ‘city’ is a fairly loose concept in the US; in the UK, there has to be a cathedral for a place to be a city, (although Bath has an abbey, and there are a couple of cities which are smaller than my home town). Anyway, I digress, I recently drove 140 miles to the south coast to stay with friends, and I thought I’d use Apple Maps instead of CoPilot. Their farm is around seven miles from the nearest main road, four from the nearest village; Apple dropped a pin right by their driveway.
            I tried Google, out of interest; completely failed to even recognise their address. Not even the postcode.
            Also, Google’s satellite imagery is woefully out of date, and always has been. Maybe big cities are better, but from the time it came on-line, a bridge carrying a cycle path over the river, which was built in 1999 for the Millenium was missing, and when it was updated, it still shows a car out front that I sold seven years ago.
            Apple’s satellite view, however, is around twelve months old locally, and I was looking at an airfield north of where I live, and it shows two old 747’s parked by the main road running past. I’ve seen those two planes, and when I checked them out, I found they were moved there in June this year for the launch of a new Isuzu truck. Once the mistakes are logged and amended, Apple Maps will be equal to Google’s in roads, and far superior in satellite imaging.

            1. Are you going to get to a point in your rambling post? Otherwise your are more-or-less supporting the issues raised by MOSSMAN and TROY. Any mapping application will have errors or outdated information. The problem is that Apple is depriving you of the choice to use an alternate application when you need the cover the gaps in their native app.

      1. OK Troy, I’ll bite.

        Please tell me what “small city” you are talking about. I’m in a very small city and travel a lot and have yet to find any problems with Apple’s maps. I really want to know what city you are talking about. I just made a trip from California, Nevada, Idaho & Washington State and went through numerous small towns without one incident. Matter of fact, I found the Apple maps worked better on my phone then my laptop using Google’s maps.

        I need some proof because what I’ve seen so far has been absolute FUD from Google.

    2. I care a lot, as Street View is crucial, at least on the iPad; it’s also a source of fun and fascination.

      IOS6 has a panorama function though, so maybe I’ll take the iPhone to 6, leave the iPad on 5.

      A shame though, and all concerned should hang their heads in shame.

        1. Unfortunately the web app is awful. It is not optimized for iOS device use, is slow and has a clumsy interface. I tried it twice and it quickly crashed. Street View is stunningly useful for traveling and a host of other uses. I am on my third iPhone and third iPad and would love the 5 and a new mini but will not upgrade iOS or devices until Apple fixes this mess.

  1. Five minutes with the new iOS Maps app made the old Google Maps look so sad that one felt cheated. I can’t believe I used to drive around that that kludgy thing in my hand, one eye on the road and one eye on the GoogleMap, trying to figure out when the next turn was. Now I don’t have to look at the phone at all, just listen to the cues to turn here and there.

    If the Google maps never come back, it will be too soon.

    1. False. Apple will not allow any Apps that violate their developer agreements, and I’m not going to be surprised if Google violates a few of these and then cries “unfair competition” when Apple denies the App.

      Personally I am glad Google Maps are off my iPhone, the built in map is far superior. Google Maps are ONLY better for areas where Apple lacks data in some countries outside the US. That will only be a very short lived advantaged and I would not be surprised if it is gone before Google finally gets around to releasing their App.

      1. exactly.

        I do understand that some cities, like NY etc, don’t have the transit stuff in iOS maps anymore.
        Me? I don’t care.. I rode a bus once, when I was 6… public transit, not going to ever use it.

        and no, i have ZERO desire to head to NYC etc either.

        1. Not sure what your reasons are, but you are missing out on one of the most fascinating, vibrant, inspiring and creative places on the planet. As a foreigner ex-pat living there, and having seen a lot of other world, I can say there is no city in the world that is as fascinating as NYC. And thanks to the two most recent mayors, the crime rate puts us now at the bottom of the list of American cities above 100,000 people (about 196th place, out of a little ove 200 cities, just below Fresno, CA…).

          And the transit maps can be extremely helpful in places like NYC.

          1. I’m not a big city person. I can easily spend a week+ in the woods and never even see another soul. Perfectly happy to do so.

            As you can see from my picture, I have guns. I carry DAILY. (the Kimber in on my hip as I type this) NYC… it’s illegal.
            if it takes me more than 30 minutes to get *anywhere* i’m not interested.

            Nanny Doomberg would drive me nuts. my Large drink I got from Panda Express today… illegal in NYC.

            Some like the big city living, I don’t.
            My house, yard and all… to own something this size in NYC… I would never be able to afford it. and in the end over 60% of my wages lost to taxes in NY state alone. One of the highest in the US for overall tax rates.

            1. I can clearly see that the two of us are made from a very, very different cloth. While I can’t possibly imagine ever living in the country (never mind spending more than a single day alone — I would go insane without human interaction for more than 24 hours!), I love vacationing in the wilderness. As for “30 minutes to anywhere”, there I would agree, which is why I live in Manhattan, and most things (work, school, stores, theatres, museums, parks, playgrounds…) are less than 30 minutes’ walking distance from my home, and the rest is within 30 minutes of a train (or buss) ride. I have absolutely no use for a car (way more expensive and, more importantly, significantly less efficient than public transportation), or a gun (nothing / nobody to defend from, as there are no wild animals that could attack me, nor any enemy combatants planning an assault on the city; and a gun wouldn’t help with 9/11-type event…).

              What I’m saying is, NYC is an incredibly fun place to visit, and the transit map makes it just that much more easy to do so.

            2. yeah, we are very different.
              you see no need for a gun.

              tell that to the over 1000 women raped in NYC last year.
              Another nanny city Chicago bans gun ownership also, more of it’s citizens are murdered there then troops have died in Afghanistan. over 5000 since 2001 in Chicago… same time, just over 2000 military killed.

              Home invasions are on the rise since the economy has started tanking…

              you see only hunting, or protection from animals, and terrorism as only reasons to own a gun.
              Terrorism is Governments job to deal with.

              protecting my home, property.. thats MY job.

              As the saying goes, “1911 beats 911 every time.” 😉

              When seconds count, Police are just minutes away.

              (Not attacking you or anything just discussing our differing views. Side note, just realized that when I left the house to pay a bill and get Panda Express today for lunch. Today was the first actual face to face contact with a human since I left work Friday. yeah, we *are* different)

      2. My thoughts exactly about Google intentionally breaking a few Apple rules to coverup something like their app not being ready. I think they were caught off guard when Apple took their app off the built-in IOS list.

        Note to Google, if your new app doesn’t have voice turn-by-turn, then don’t bother.

    1. +1
      Apple approves other mapping apps, and there is no reason for Apple to fail to approve the Google Map app, so long as Google can follow the rules as other developers do (that is the unlikely part)

  2. And let’s not forget that while the Android version of Google Maps has had turn-by-turn navigation, the version that was was used in iOS5 and before did not have that feature.

    The fact is, if Google really cared about iOS, then it would have kept the feature level of that version consistent with the Android version. But they didn’t do that in order to enhance Android and screw iOS.

    They are so full of crap.

    1. Apple’s Google Maps for iOS, as well as Apple’s Youtube (for iOS), were apps developed by Apple, with Google’s cooperation. How can you know this? Check for ads in an app; if there are none, there is no chance in h9ll it was developed by Google.

      Think about it; what is this whole noise about, if the original apps were made by Google? Apple would have no reason (or justification) to pull them, had they been third-party apps that have once already been approved. Since they were their own, they just replaced / pulled them and that was that.

      Now, Google went ahead and decided to develop the iOS apps by themselves, much like they have already done for Gmail, Chrome, Google+, Google Drive, Google Play (the book and music store), Google Translate, Google Search, Google Earth… All these are iOS apps that Apple dutifully reviewed and approved. And they keep approving all subsequent updates and newer versions.

      This statement is very transparent way of spinning this maps story against Apple, as anyone who follows the fate of iOS app submissions in general, and Google’s iOS apps in particular, knows that Apple has absolutely no bone to pick with any developer. Even though the go head-to-head agains Apple’s own Safari, Mail, iCloud, App Store and others, they had no problem approving Chrome, G-mail, Google Drive, Google Play and others. There is absolutely no valid justification for expecting Apple to deny Google Maps, after having approved so many other competing offerings from Google.

  3. Eric T. Mole on his iPhone 5: “Siri, plot me a route out of this mess I’ve created for my company.”

    Siri: “I’m sorry, Eric, I don’t quite understand what you’re asking. Perhaps a non-Google powered web search will help?”

  4. “google is ‘not optimistic’ that Apple will ever approve a dedicated Google Maps iOS app.”

    and I am 100% certain I’ll never see it on any of my iOS devices. (Even if approved)

    iOS 6 gave me the opportunity to remove 2 google apps from my iOS devices. they are NOT coming back… ever.

  5. of course Google already knows that any map app that would replace iOS Maps for other apps’ automatic API access will never be approved. duh.

    and likewise that any map app that datamines its users the way Google does also will not be approved. duh.

    but it could still have ads! oh – via Apple’s iAd only. yeah, sure.

    Google is just setting up its bullshit excuse for not even trying.

  6. Google is involved in a bitter dispute with Apple over royalties for standards-essential patents, and is Apple’s most serious competitor in the phone market. Google is stating the obvious when they express concern that a competitor such as Apple might not open their platform to a competitor. I wonder if Google would allow iTunes on Android?

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