“The iPad Mini is proof positive why technical specs don’t matter anymore,” Devindra Hardawar writes for VentureBeat. “It’s slower than both the third and fourth-generation iPads, and it features a significantly lower resolution screen that doesn’t even meet HD video standards.”

“And yet, its miniscule size and overall convenience makes it the best iPad I’ve ever used and the best tablet on the market,” Hardawar writes. “With its 7.9-inch screen, the iPad Mini is slightly larger than its 7-inch Android counterparts. But it still has all the makings of a small tablet, and that extra screen real estate actually makes it far better for reading. Apple has struck a balance between size and performance with the iPad Mini — and it’s one that will resonate in the tablet market for years to come.”

Hardawar writes, “I can go on and on about the iPad Mini’s thinness and lightness — but really, you have to hold this thing to understand why it’s so special. At just .68 pounds and 7.2 millimeters thick, it weighs about the same as a typical paperback book, and it’s thinner than the already ridiculously thin iPhone 5… I’ve been recommending the iPad Mini without hesitation over the past week.”

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