iPhone 5S rear housing leaked

“Some former rumors on the internet said that Apple will release its 7th generation of iPhone in the first half of 2013. However, the latest news said that its released date will be some day next summer,” ETrade Supply reports.

“It is also said that the components suppliers of the new iPhone have already submitted samples to Apple and will trial-manufacture 50~100 K new iPhones,” ETrade Supply reports. “When the media are still speculating the reliability of these rumors, a couple of rear housing pictures of suspected new iPhone were found in the web.”

ETrade Supply reports, “Inside the rear housing, we can find some changes when comparing it with iPhone 5. First, the “iPhone 5s” has two less screw holes on the left side which are used to fasten the LCD. Second, the position of 3 screw holes used to fasten the logic board has been removed (not sure whether caused by the change of logic board).”

See the photos in the full article here.

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    1. Deary, deary me! (Rolls eyes) it’s obviously escaped your notice that alternate iPhone models have an ‘s’ added; 3Gs/4S/5S/6S…
      It has bugger-all to do with Siri, seeing as how the 3Gs didn’t have Siri, it’s simply a convention to differentiate between models when there’s significant design changes, or minor modifications.

      1. Although you are right… Keep in mind that the ‘S’ in the name stood for something… iPhone 3GS (Speed..). iPhone 4S (Siri.. But some fans dedicated the ‘S’ for Steve Jobs..)

        1. You are ALL wrong…it’s pronounced ‘iPhone Fives’.
          And it’ll be dressed to the nines!

          So there! Hope that answers y’alls ‘what 4S’ and ‘how 2S’….

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