Ex-Apple execs discuss Steve Jobs and product design

“There’s a host of interesting insights for Apple watchers emerging from LeWeb in Paris, France, this week,” Jonny Evans reports for Computerworld, “where iPod Daddy, Tony Fadell, sat down to talk about the smart home and the company’s recently departed European vice president, Pascal Cagni, gave a few hints of the philosophy that guides Cupertino in its business and revealed he got his job because he ‘wasn’t a salesman, but a product guy.'”

Evans reports, “iPod inventor, Tony Fadell, is now involved in the creation of Nest, an intelligent, connected thermostat for the home, one with an Apple flair, naturally he referred to this: ‘At Apple, Steve taught us that every single customer touch point — the boxing, the retail experience, the customer support [matters],’ he said, adding: ‘Secrecy keeps people more excited when it comes out, especially when it comes to thermostats.'”

Evans reports, “Apple’s former General Manager and VP Apple Europe, Pascal Cagni… began by pointing out just how much things have changed for Apple at events of this kind. ‘Look, look,’ he said, ‘All the front row is using an Apple product.’ …What did he learn? The concept of ‘doing a few things well.’ He even noted the attention to detail that went into Jobs’ keynotes. ‘Attention to detail and the importance of saying no to things [helped],’ he said.”

Read more – and see the videos – in the full article here.

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  1. Yes, “Look, look, all the front row is using an Apple product.” I also see it everywhere that I see people using a hand held device and on every TV show. Yet, still now respect on Wall Street. In time, the respect will be there like it or not.

    And yes, I only buy products that work with my Apple iOS devices now.

  2. What I learned of S Jobs is, how quickly he falls out of love with a product once it’s released. For example, say he came to your home for dinner and with great pride you showed him your Cube, he’d offer to buy it from you on the spot.

    After giving you a thousand-dollars for it, he’d take a hammer to it!

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