iPhone 6 release date, rumors and leaked images

“Welcome to our iPhone 6 release date, rumours and leaked images article, here we plan to do everything that the title suggests,” Mark Hattersley reports for Macworld UK. “We are going to bring you everything we know about the new iPhone 6 release date so you can know exactly when the new iPhone 6 is coming out.”

“Also we are going to bring you a few of the juiciest spec rumours that are flying round the web’s most trusted iPhone websites too,” Hattersley reports. “Finally we have a some iPhone images that we’d like to show you.”

Hattersley reports, “As this is Apple, the iPhone 6 is not officially announced yet. But Apple is not as secure as it’d like to be, and there are many juicy iPhone 6 rumours floating around, and some of the iPhone leaks in the past have turned out to be fairly accurate… This Yanko design displays what the iPhone 6 could look like if it includes Liquidmetal casing.”

iPhone Liquidmetal - Yanko Design
iPhone Liquidmetal concept (front) – Yanko Design


iPhone Liquidmetal – Yanko Design
iPhone Liquidmetal concept (rear) – Yanko Design

Much more in the full article here.


  1. Stupid rumor sites = VERY GAY. Enjoy your iPhone 5 and relax… we are not Androids (each week a new shit)… we know the date already ‘in the holidays’, and how cares about the design, of course it’s lighter, better, whatever… calm down. Make me sick. ONE YEAR BEFORE… and then the analysts say “not that good, Android is better”. F#@*

  2. What they really need to do is add phone capabilities to the new iPad 5, before the competition adds phone capabilities to the Galaxy etc. Given the ability of the iPad to browse the net on the cellular network, what would be the problem with adding the telephone? The mini with telephone would be so popular that the company stock would probably double overnight. Apple’s emphasis on planned obsolescence is going to be the death of it. How much innovation is required to put the telephone on the Pad? Apple needs to give the consumer a choice, and not try and force them to buy a gadget for every different requirement.

    1. Phone capability on an iPad? Boy are you going to look like a complete jackass trying to make a call on something that size!
      The Galaxy’s bad enough, and anyway, there’s Skype if you need it that bad.

    2. Voice and video phone service are available through iPad apps (e.g., iCall), if that’s really what you want. Seems like a poor form factor (to me), but obviously some people like it, or don’t use the phone often enough to carry around, um, a phone.

  3. ““We are going to bring you everything we know about the new iPhone 6 release date ”

    So that’s absolutely nothing then. Nobody outside of Apple knows and they aren’t telling anybody. There’s no shortage of rumours, but that’s quite different from knowing stuff.

      1. @DC: You made my day! Thanks my friend.:-)

        Amen to those five food groups. In my many working trips to London I still remember putting on the pounds with those great breakfasts and liquid lunches.

        1. Glad to oblige! One of my cousins-in-law in Wales make my friend and I an excellent spotted dick circa 1979 while I was living over in the homeland. Very yummy. Very strange to behold.

          I still enjoy buying an occasional can of Heinz Spotted Dick at the local snobby grocery in the US; That and treacle sponge (which is the secret reason why British teeth are all rotted). 😉

  4. People have geen saying that the liqued metal supplies won’t be
    Arg enough cor millions of phones and why would they go from 5+1 rows back to 4+1? And another thin is that there is no lighting conector? After they just announced they will not be selling the 30 pin connected any more? Obviously fake

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