“Apple appears set to introduce the iPhone 5S in early 2013 with a release date which could come as soon as March, and the iPhone 6 perhaps as soon as the fall of 2013, based on a number of recent changes to the company’s iOS product release strategy and one key piece of insider information,” Beatweek reports.

“Since its introduction in 2007, Apple has been consistent in launching one new iPhone model per year, originally in the summer and more recently in the fall, while keeping the two previous generation iPhone models around as lower priced options,” Beatweek reports. “The company had also been doing the same with its iPad, releasing a new generation each spring. But that pattern changed significantly last month when Apple launched not only the iPad mini offshoot, but also a new fourth generation iPad a mere six months or so after the iPad 3 had taken the stage.”

Beatweek reports, “This makes clear that Apple is no longer married to its once-a-year hardware update strategy, paving the way for it to do the same with the iPhone lineup. And now there’s buzz that the iPhone 5S may be in limited production already.”

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