All signs point to iPhone 5S release date in spring of 2013, iPhone 6 in autumn

“Apple appears set to introduce the iPhone 5S in early 2013 with a release date which could come as soon as March, and the iPhone 6 perhaps as soon as the fall of 2013, based on a number of recent changes to the company’s iOS product release strategy and one key piece of insider information,” Beatweek reports.

“Since its introduction in 2007, Apple has been consistent in launching one new iPhone model per year, originally in the summer and more recently in the fall, while keeping the two previous generation iPhone models around as lower priced options,” Beatweek reports. “The company had also been doing the same with its iPad, releasing a new generation each spring. But that pattern changed significantly last month when Apple launched not only the iPad mini offshoot, but also a new fourth generation iPad a mere six months or so after the iPad 3 had taken the stage.”

Beatweek reports, “This makes clear that Apple is no longer married to its once-a-year hardware update strategy, paving the way for it to do the same with the iPhone lineup. And now there’s buzz that the iPhone 5S may be in limited production already.”

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  1. More nonsense rumors to keep potential customers from buying iPhone 5 now and during the holiday season. Perhaps Apple wanted to get iPad on a Fall release schedule (going forward), to make way for something completely NEW in the Spring. And it has nothing to do with iPhone…

    1. I just bought a 5 last Friday. White 16GB. Damn is it amazing. First, it’s gorgeous. Then the extra screen real estate is very welcome. The screen is noticeably more saturated (naturally so), the lightness makes it feel like it’s fake, and I could swear internet is faster than ever. Truly awesome. Even if I knew the 5S was coming out in March I’d still have bought. And I’d still LOVE the iP5.

  2. This could be a smart move for Apple. 1 year is a long time in CE and now that the iPhone is such a big revenue generator they may want to protect its position by moving to a 6 month release cycle. They have to contend with a barrage of Android phones coming out on a regular basis and having refreshes every 6 months would help counter that.
    This could put more strain on Apple R&D but they certain have the capacity to expand that infrastructure to carry 2 main product developments (they obviously are working on future versions as well).
    The upside is that there won’t be the slow down in sales a quarter before to the same extent and the demand will be easier to handle since it will be more spread out through the year.

      1. Obviously it will take more work to release 2 phone models a year. With the amount of care and attention apple put into their products it will require additional resources.

    1. This is exactly right. Apple now has to cycle new products for Phones and Ipads every 6 months in order to compete with Samsung and Android. 12 months is too long to go without a refresh as after 6 months on the market Iphone sales shrink as people anticipate new Iphone as well as contemplate the latest and greatest from Android phones. I think every 6 months we will see a new S version and then once a year a new form factor upgrade.

      1. While I do not mind seeing a new Apple model, its just crap, IMHO, that we need a new model every 6 months. Samdung puts out some weird change, feature, etc just to keep the sheep bleeting…

        Hey, I love my 6 month old Lexus, but the new model has chrome around the head lights… gotta buy a new one…
        OH wait, they added LED accent lights, gutta buy that one… etc.

        Just a thought.

  3. I think this is actually an obvious move. I am a 4S user and I am available for an upgrade in May 2013 (upgraded from a 3S at the first opportunity). I think this schedule simply takes advantage of customers like myself and their standard upgrade cycle.

  4. Jesus Christ Apple, slow your roll! What are you trying to prove? If you’re gonna rush shit, quality WILL suffer. I’d rather wait for something that won’t be buggy instead of getting some half baked piece of shit

  5. I have read online that Apple has some manufacturing problems with iPhone 5. With an introdiction of iPhone 5S, they try to make the production easier. Apple looks like still can’t supply the demand for iPhone 5. Christmas?Holidays are getting closer, consumers are out shopping, but still it is’t very easy to get an iPhone. I wanted to get iPhone 5, preferably unlocked, so I went to of the Verizon’s stores. One store said that they are out and the other wouldn’t sell it, unless I sign a contract, becasue of the short supply. AT&T store also refused to sell me “device only”. I finally went to Apple store and was recommended to come in the morning when they open. I did, just that and was able to get AT&T model “device only”. Which was unlocked and I am using it now with my T-Mobile. Now the above news that iPhone 5S may come out in the mid of 2013 makes me really think about returning my 2-day old iPhone 5 and wait for 5S. I still have 27 days to return it. In 2 weeks if there will be any progress on the “rumors” being true, then I will know what to do. Otherwise the device that I have now is pretty nice, performance is good, although it isn’t really as comfortable to hold as 4S and I have to move it up/down in my palm.

  6. If the 5S comes out in Spring, I would not be able to justify it’s acquisition. However If then followed by iPhone 6 in Fall, I am there in line. The annual refresh is acceptable, but biannual is a bit too much, considering we are getting two iPod Touch 5th Gens, and the iPad mini, as predicted, for Winter ’12. As it is, $1329 for iOS devices this year has me logistically tapped out.

    But we all know, it’s what they wife wants, not what we want. Right?

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