An in-depth look at iTunes 11; what’s new and what’s missing

“Alongside the launch of the iPhone 5, iPod Nano, and iPod Touch, Apple promised us an October release of iTunes 11; the biggest update to their all-in-one media management tool since the inclusion of a music store in 2003. As October came and went, Apple failed to deliver on time, instead pushing the release back to ‘November,’ and on the 29th the new iTunes finally shipped,” Alex Arena writes fro Mactuts+. “With this major release comes a new interface, seamless iCloud integration, and a major design overhaul.”

What’s new/improved:
Up Next
iTunes Store
Gift Card Redemption
Mini Player

What’s missing:
Cover Flow
The Sidebar [stil there, just hidden by default]
Multiple Windows
iTunes DJ
Duplicate Remover

Much more in the full article here.

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    1. Whats so great about cover flow? The Album view is way faster to search visually.

      Cover flow is very accurate in that it WAS the way we used to flick through our PHYSICAL stacks of records in the 90’s and before. But, if it had been possible I’d much rather all those albums would suddenly jump up into a grid in front of me. Then I could see a lot more quicker and select the one I wanted easier. Thats exactly what iTunes 11 does.

      Yeah I know the previous version also allowed you to see a grid. Removing cover flow is no big deal…….or am I missing something?

        1. No, you got that backwards. Microsoft let you work the way you want. Apple tells you how to do things their way.

          That is why Microsoft is so buggy, because there are dozens of ways to do things and your are totally open to change things. Apple has always been about a closed ecosystem of tightly integrated products working seamlessly.

          If you want to do thing your way, learn to hack/program or get a PC. If you want a system you don’t have to fix every week, but offers very little customization, then get an apple device.

    2. Seriously? Cover Flow is the deal-breaker for you? I have never used Cover Flow for anything other than just to fiddle around with it. I never saw the point. Flip through the album covers to find what you’re looking for? Why not use search? And if you’re looking for ideas for something to listen to, isn’t it quicker to scroll through a list?


  1. You can still open a video in a separate window. But you can no longer open a playlist or the iTunes Store in a separate window. That was useful to me because I have a two-display system. I liked to put iTunes in full screen mode, and it would let me open a separate window and place it on the other screen. It was one of the few apps that let me make use of the second screen in full screen mode.

    1. agreed. cover flow is a waste.
      great update… some bugs… chanching the ratings for example… you give one star to a song and automatically change the star of ther other song.

      1. Not to mention a significant portion of my music is old MP3s with no cover art available (even after I did online searches to fill in as much art as I could). That means cover flow (and “album view”, for that matter) shows lots and lots of grey squares with music notes on them.


    1. I am very happy updating my podcasts in iTunes and syncing them to my iPhone, thank you very much. Works well and lets me listen to the podcasts on my Mac or my iPhone, syncing the progress between them.


  2. Also missing is the Album list with pics for each album. This was wayyyy more useful than the text-based list of songs that we have in iTunes 11.
    And am I the only one with an issue with the font being used to display song prices in the iTunes store? it is barely readable.

      1. What are you two talking about. It’s gone! Are you thinking about the way iTunes warns you that you’re adding a duplicate song to a playlist? Ya, that’s still there, but the Find Duplicates feature is gone baby gone.

  3. As forwarded from a friend:

    Cover Flow (which sucks but it is mostly a cool gimmick)
    The Sidebar [still there, just hidden by default] (and thus is neither really missing nor a big deal)
    Multiple Windows (thank god)
    iTunes DJ (Up Next has the same capabilities)
    Duplicate Remover (A screw up to be sure but the one time I needed it before, it didn’t work.)

  4. For someone who enjoys album artwork, the reduction of it to a little image next to the title was very disappointing and the main reason I am not upgrading to 11. I think in general it was simplified too much! I liked the latest iTunes 10.

    1. The mediumish window in the sidebar is gone to display album art, yes. I’ll admit to using and liking that. Adding artwork is a bit more of a pain because, as far as I can tell, the song needs to be playing, or you need to open the Info window, to do it.

  5. iTunes DJ was not just something that “lets people at parties suggest and vote on songs.” Formerly known as Party Shuffle, it lets you shuffle, add, remove, and reorganize playlists on the fly. Use it all the time. Do we lose any of that capability with Up Next?

  6. Has anyone else even tried the mini player? It’s a big step backward in my opinion.
    No direct volume control.
    No track progress bar.
    It will not properly show the current song when playing internet radio.
    Someone missed the QA for the mini player.

    1. Direct volume control is done via the keyboard

      Track progress can be viewed by clicking the album cover and using the maxi-mini player

      You’re right about the internet radio. That’s just silly of Apple to do that.

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