“Apple just released the long-awaited iTunes 11. After downloading, users should expect a totally redesigned version,” Romain Dillet reports for TechCrunch.

“We have picked a few major new features in iTunes 11 to give you an idea of what you should be looking for when it comes to improvements,” Dillet reports. “The general philosophy of the application remains the same: iTunes is your digital hub for all your entertainment content (music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, books…) with a store to buy, rent and download new things. It is also the iOS media and software synchronization application.”

Dillet reports, “The interface is totally new with more whitespace and less UI chrome. Content comes first. Among the new features, the default view is now a grid of album arts that you can expand to reveal song listings. The left-side column is gone. You can switch back to the old artist, album, song column view just like in iTunes 10. The iTunes Store has a new design as well, in order to share the same user experience across all devices and operating systems.”

Top 5 new features in iTunes 11:
• New interface
• iCloud integration
• Up Next
• New mini player
• Better search

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