Top 5 new features in iTunes 11: iCloud integration, new interface, Up Next, and more

“Apple just released the long-awaited iTunes 11. After downloading, users should expect a totally redesigned version,” Romain Dillet reports for TechCrunch.

“We have picked a few major new features in iTunes 11 to give you an idea of what you should be looking for when it comes to improvements,” Dillet reports. “The general philosophy of the application remains the same: iTunes is your digital hub for all your entertainment content (music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, books…) with a store to buy, rent and download new things. It is also the iOS media and software synchronization application.”

Dillet reports, “The interface is totally new with more whitespace and less UI chrome. Content comes first. Among the new features, the default view is now a grid of album arts that you can expand to reveal song listings. The left-side column is gone. You can switch back to the old artist, album, song column view just like in iTunes 10. The iTunes Store has a new design as well, in order to share the same user experience across all devices and operating systems.”

Top 5 new features in iTunes 11:
• New interface
• iCloud integration
• Up Next
• New mini player
• Better search

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  1. So…why is iTunes 11 better? I say it is not. The mini player shows “up next” but removes key information, like time left in a track. If one is used to seeing things in a list format (like me – for what? ten years now?) that’s only available in the “song” viewer – which doesn’t allow you to see which album you’re on from a particular artist (even though those options can be checked under “view options.”). This feels half-baked – like Maps! – with fewer customizable options and showy, but ultimately useless and ill-conceived graphics. This version does NOT “go to 11.”

    1. It is perfect! Just perfect.

      Love the way Albums just pop open with great graphics. Feels like when we used to handle album covers and read then while listening.

      We can spot TROLLs like you a mile off.

      1. Perfect piece of unfinished business you mean!

        The new features are great – specially for those of you with small libraries and smaller categories (genre’s, sources, artists, etc.) of music. Seriously, the new stuff is good. But makes absolutely no sense to get rid of vital information in what is now “Songs View” as well as Analyzer data, DJ mode, and a host of other important access to data in our files that there is now NO way to use or access.

        iTunes 11 is a breaks too much!

        BTW, “Paul”, just because someone points out real problems that you are either not able or willing to see does not make them a troll. Bashing them the way you did does make you a disappointment.

      2. Not a “troll”….just someone who has used nothing but Apple products since 1990 and has never used Windows or Android any other crap. I DO stand by my initial comments. I’m fine with new features, but I object when functionality is reduced in the name of aesthetic “cleanliness.” (a jet airliner would look “cleaner ” without wings too, but would be a lot harder to get off the ground…) The mini-player (which is how I normally control itunes at work) won’t tell me where I am in a song, adjusting the volume is now a two-step process, I can’t tell at a glance if the player is stopped or playing (I’m on the phone, did I pause or not?). And another thing, the Equalizer used to work like the mini-player and could be minimized up and down the same way. That hasn’t worked right since, like, iTunes 7 or 8 and it’s the same in 11. I love progress, but as someone with over 20,000 songs in my library and who uses iTunes all day every day, this feels like a real downgrade and it’s a real drag.

      3. Look… I am not a troll… But I did use iTunes every day…, my opinion a lot new things to learn for NO benefit to me… This what happens when Apple listens to forums, tech writers and NOT the normal user… Know what they want….. They want do the things they do in a familiar environment and the shut down the computer and get back to life…,only to those few who’s life IS their computer gives a rats ass about changes in iTunes.., except that it means they must now waste more precious life time in front of a computer learning how to do things they already knew how to do a new way …. Thanks for wasting more of my life…

      4. @ Paul: sorry, I’m with tk01 on this.

        Tweaked interfaces don’t achieve much, especially when features are removed or hidden. While some refreshing is harmless, there’s a lot that of change that resembles bass-ackwards MS Ribbon logic.

        What precisely does ITunes 11 preform better than the prior version? Old farts like myself can find, manage, and play our media just as fast on the old interface. And we like sidebars.

      5. It looks like a Google app and that is not a compliment. The typeface change is about the only welcome change.

        As usual- the update FUBARed my library settings because Apple cannot figure out how to follow a database from version to version. We are now on version 11 and it still cannot retain custom settings for Genre, Equalization and such.

        The good news is that you can turn on the side bar, the tab bar and the status bar.

        The mini player is a complete piece of shit- a prime example of fixing something not broken.

        Who the flock is running SW development at Apple these days? Instead of progress we are seeing steps backward with no taste, purpose, unity of vision or reason behind decisions.

        Looks like more Apple Beta-ware.

        #1- Fix the damnable mini player.
        #2 Put some color into the interface.

      6. Pleased you like, but as a long-time iTunes lover, this one leaves me cold –

        Miniplayer spoiled again.
        Coverflow disappeared.
        Prettiness gone, now Plain Jane.
        Nav not so instinctual.

      7. Bah – it sucks. I hate the album cover opening in a new window, I hate not being able to see the track time remaining, I hate not having cover flow and the duplicate sniffer. I know it’s months on, but IMHO it’s a LONG way from perfect, and I posted here simply because you accused him of being a troll, which I though was unjust – you on the other hand appear to be an unabashed fanboy, which in and of itself is akin to the behavior you disdain so much.

        1. If you’ve gone back to the View->Show Sidebar mode, you need to click the Music section of your Library for the menu bar to appear to the right with all the options for selecting music. “Radio” will appear as one of the categories.

          (In Preferences you must also have Radio checked in General Preferences and NOT checked as “Disable” in Parental Controls.)

    1. It’s like maps in that it ‘fixed’ things not broken and ignored things that needed improvement.
      The problem with iTunes 11 is that the interface was fine- the internals needed fixing and have not been.

  2. People only have the keynote to go by.
    Based on that short overview I am not impressed.
    I use iTunes daily and was hoping the little mono screen at the top would be gone.
    No such luck.
    Hoping to be pleasantly surprised…

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