Apple releases Apple TV Software 5.1.1

Apple has released Apple TV Software 5.1.1 for 2nd and 3rd generation Apple TV units.

The update is expected to include bug fixes and other internal improvements.

2nd and 3rd generation Apple TV units can be updated via Settings > General > Update Software.


  1. While my second and third gen AppleTV get updates, it would be nice to have some freshening of my first gen AppleTV. iOS devices from that era still get some updates; why not ATV?

  2. I would love to have an app that lists the media app connection options available on line. Media companies offer prior broadcasted episodes with limited commercial breaks. It would be like having a channel selector on an old school TV. If they don’t want you watching the media than they will not put them on line. I already watch them on my HDTV using my dedicated Mac mini.

  3. I find the remote control for the Apple TV very poorly designed – pushing the control to navigate around the VERY clunky alphabet input is poor as you can easily push the wrong part of the button and head up/down/left/right.
    And as for going round and round the alphabet to input letters when doing a search is frankly embarrassingly poor.

  4. I use the Apple remote to control eyeTV on my Mac mini, and can do EVERYTHING with it–channel, volume, guide navigation, recording control and playback. And it works great!! Not bad for 7 buttons!

  5. @Johnny — STILL nothing on ATV about TV show grouping all seasons under one. I have been WAITING for this since I upgraded to ATV2. It was so much better in ATV1, I can’t imagine why, after soooo many updates, they can’t just put nested folders back in.

    Oh wait…yes I can…nested folder deal with the library I already own or already purchased. Apple only cares about the ATM they have installed in my living room and have clearly shown me that they will probably never update features to manage my library on apple tv.

    No nested folders so you have to either create smart playlists for every show or spend a ton of time scrolling down if you actually have a decent sized tv library.

    I mean, no search for actor or director for your own library? huh? There is not even an ability to make smart playlists with this metadata.

    Perhaps one day they will stop calling this a hobby and update things that DON’T relate to the store and purchasing.

    Don’t get me wrong, I have a ton of apple products and I dig em all, but this just pisses me off. It’s like taking out the backlit keyboard from a new model when the previous one had it.

    even worse, it seems very few people care since I don’t read about the nested folders isse that often. I have put in a ton of feedback to apple in hopes of getting a grassroots change, but to no avail.

    If anyone can figure out how to monetize the nested folders for apple we may actually see it in some future generation fo the hobby project.

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