“Apple’s iTunes 11 is a complete makeover to Apple’s media hub, simplifying the interface, adding more iCloud integration, and adding a new mini player,” Jason Parker writes for CNET. “The design is intuitive and visually pleasing, but as the first rollout of the new version, there are still a few problems.”

“iTunes 11 is certainly a lot more streamlined visually over past versions, but this early version uses a lot of computer services. Hopefully Apple will follow up with a bug fix update to patch some of the more-troubling problems,” Parker writes. “Still, there’s little question iTunes needed a refresh, and Apple appears to be on the right path.”

Parker writes, “iTunes 11 is a worthwhile update for the new uncluttered layout, better integration between your library and the iTunes Store, and a mini player with just the right amount of controls to access your library without opening the main interface. Aesthetically it’s a great update on both platforms, but the app still needs to cover so much ground that it can’t do it without using a lot of your computer’s resources. The app still works slightly better on a Mac than it does on a Windows machine, but I noticed marked improvements over older versions with responsiveness across both platforms when it come to navigating the various parts of the new interface.”

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