Apple iPad crushing Amazon Kindle in early holiday purchases made via tablet?

“According to IBM’s Benchmark survey of Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales, Kindles accounted for only 2.4% of purchases made via tablet, fewer than those made by Barnes and Noble’s Nook (3.1%) and way fewer than the iPad (88.3%),” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune.

“That jibes with a new e-commerce report published by Monetate that tracked sales at 100 retailers (but not at made via tablet over the past four quarters,” P.E.D. reports. “Third quarter sales on the Kindle Fire (2.06%) were actually lower than Q2 (2.18%), as shown in the graph above created Tuesday from Monetate data by Asymco’s Horace Dediu. Kindle just doesn’t seem to be a popular platform for making online purchases.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Since the Kindle is a gateway created pretty much expressly for shopping at, not measuring purchases made via tells us virtually nothing about the success or lack thereof of Amazon’s Kindle in terms of purchases made via tablet.

It’s highly unlikely that Amazon would be continuing to make Kindles, much less expanding their model lines, if Kindles weren’t contributing, or looked likely to someday contribute, to sales.

That said, iPad clearly dominates online shopping from tablets in general (and, wild guess, likely at, too).

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    1. Sounds like an intriguing promotion.

      Why is it that other products can’t succeed along with Apple’s offerings. I looked at the Kindle Fire and thought it was aq nice product that certainly has a place in the market.

      Are iOS devices not constructed to lead one into purchases from the Apple ecosystem?

  1. I disagree with MDNs take. Amazon are basically operating on a break-even point at the moment. Their business philosophy is to generate revenue from multiple and varied sources with the hope that some of these will become killer product lines. Kindle is an experiment to capture the electronic book market (moderately successful but not for long) and expand it to web usage including amazon sales.
    One of the reasons that Amazon’s stock and PE is so high is that the market expects Amazon sales to explode in one of those areas. I don’t think will happen and at some point the market will realize the same and sell the stock.

    1. Not as long as the “analysts” keep poo-pooing APPL and promoting RIM. RIM? Weren’t we looking at “circling the RIM”, junk bond status, etc. just moths ago? Now it’s a “buy”? Who’d a thunk it?

  2. “Since the Kindle is a gateway created pretty much expressly for shopping at, not measuring purchases made via tells us virtually nothing about the success or lack thereof of Amazon’s Kindle in terms of purchases made via tablet.”

    If people shopped a lot with a Kindle at Amazon you’d think they would also shop with a Kindle elsewhere. Do people with Kindles only shop at Amazon? Seems like a mismatch here.

  3. I’m as much an Apple fan as anybody, but I do own a Kindle. Why? Because I look at a computer all day long. When I want to read a book I don’t want the same type of screen as my computer. I want something that reads like a page in a book. That is why I have a Kindle Touch. I would never read a book on a Kindle Fire or iPad. With an exception to the Fire I would not consider the Kindle a tablet. I would consider it an e-reader.

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