CNET reviews iTunes 11: Complete makeover brings speed; Apple on the right path

“Apple’s iTunes 11 is a complete makeover to Apple’s media hub, simplifying the interface, adding more iCloud integration, and adding a new mini player,” Jason Parker writes for CNET. “The design is intuitive and visually pleasing, but as the first rollout of the new version, there are still a few problems.”

“iTunes 11 is certainly a lot more streamlined visually over past versions, but this early version uses a lot of computer services. Hopefully Apple will follow up with a bug fix update to patch some of the more-troubling problems,” Parker writes. “Still, there’s little question iTunes needed a refresh, and Apple appears to be on the right path.”

Parker writes, “iTunes 11 is a worthwhile update for the new uncluttered layout, better integration between your library and the iTunes Store, and a mini player with just the right amount of controls to access your library without opening the main interface. Aesthetically it’s a great update on both platforms, but the app still needs to cover so much ground that it can’t do it without using a lot of your computer’s resources. The app still works slightly better on a Mac than it does on a Windows machine, but I noticed marked improvements over older versions with responsiveness across both platforms when it come to navigating the various parts of the new interface.”

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    1. “Everything works better on a Mac than a Windows machine.”
      Not Quicken. Not Flash player.

      That’s the fault of third party developers, of course, but saying everything works better on Mac isn’t true.

      Macs are awesome in so many real ways – so please stick to reality when praising it. Your delusional BS makes Mac fans look bad.

  1. “Hopefully Apple will follow up with a bug fix update to patch some of the more-troubling problems”

    No, I think they’ll just abandon the software, never to touch it again.

  2. Bring back Cover Flow and a functional artwork display. Why these were removed I don’t understand. However, there’s quite a buzz about their absence on various forums.

    1. Coverflow for browsing your own library was not very useful. For browsing the store content is more appropriate because it’s more like a showcase view. I’m glad they dropped this unnecessary bulk from iTunes.

    2. The artwork display is way better. You can have a resizable floating window of the current album displayed on your desktop as well as a thumbnail on the mini player. How much better do you want?

      Also, cover flow was a patent violation and was removed. I don’t miss it. The grid layout is much better.

  3. Why did they change from Command-F for full screen to Control-Command-F? Now it takes two hands, instead of one. The least they could have done was Option-Command-F since those two keys are next to each other.

    1. AGREE whole-heartedly. I don’t know if u have the same problems i do…but i never get updated podcasts, some go away while others stay, it doesn’t download whenever its in wi-fi range. Whatever, maybe its just me…..
      I feel like apple should let you set a time in the night where everything will update on your wifi while u are asleep.

      “Wouldn’t it be nice-”
      Beach Boys

  4. 90% of the time I listen to music by song, so imagine what I could think of iTunes 11. A plain list over a white background. I am not attached to Cover flow but give me some design on that plain list to identify a song. Right now what is the use for it Apple envisions?

    I wish I could drag the images of songs to a user defined zone and place them visually in the order I just wish. Every other option will be an added bonus.

    Honestly, to me is all about usability and I particularly lost to much. But others may have gained something.

  5. Josh Lowensohn writes for CNET, “7 features Apple killed off in iTunes 11”

    They are:

    1. Cover Flow
    2: The de-duper (duplicate file identifier tool)
    3: iTunes DJ
    4: Gapless playback editor
    5: Multiple windows
    6: The other sidebar (Genius recommendations)
    7: Quick volume control, song progress in mini player

    Popular opinion around here is that #6 is a good improvement. #1 is odd but not a huge loss. All the other ones are unnecessary steps backwards.

    Why is Apple taking steps backwards ???

    1. They missed death of the miniplayer – one click to size up and down.

      With decent functionality at both sizes.

      Never had a problem with earlier iTunes – this one I find non-intuitive, plain and graceless.

      And how I miss the visual treat of overflow!

  6. I cannot believe Apple intends this to be an improvement for PC.(Windows 7). This was intended to sell more Pads and Phones.
    Close to useless for the PC user or serious Music Fan.

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