Analyst slaps $400 price target, ‘Sell’ rating on Apple; claims ‘cycle of vogue’ ending

“Per Lindberg of Oslo, Norway-based investment bank ABGSC Sundal Collier yesterday published a rare thing: an initiation of coverage of Apple (AAPL) with a Sell rating and a $400 price target,” Tiernan Ray reports for Barron’s.

“Writes Lindberg in his lengthy report (102 pages), Apple’s products ‘are no longer unique,’ phone companies are looking for alternatives, and customers are ‘suffering from ‘fashion fatigue,”” Ray reports. “‘For all its commercial success, marketing prowess and brand image, Apple is bound to enter a phase of much stiffer competition, far tougher comparisons, and, materially less generous operator subsidies,’ writes Lindberg.”

Ray reports, “Amidst a raft of problems — including ‘Microsoft getting its act back together with Windows 8’ — Lindberg sees substantially lower revenue and earnings per share in coming years versus consensus.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Dude oughta analyze his own mental state — or at least a Windows 8 review.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Nick P.” and “Rainy Day” for the heads up.]

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    1. Totally agree. “Customers suffering from ‘fashion fatigue????

      So would that make the Samdung phones totally crap??? Well, they are but just saying…. LOL

      And iPhones look the same, simple, understated…. but bored with the look…???? Just add a case of your choosing.

      Seriously, have you guys looked at the cases out there. Something for everyone. And you can change your case every day, unlike your phone.

      Just saying.

    2. Look, everyone! Agent Provocateur’s** real name: Per Lindberg! Finally, you’ve been “outed,” AP!

      ** a discredited frequent poster here on MDN who’s been touting AAPL @ 400 for months now

      1. Which makes it that much harder for him to get noticed on the Wall Street. About the only way you might get noticed if you’re somewhere overseas is by announcing something truly outrageous.

  1. I know when I see this drivel the guy is in outer space and does not actually use, or know how to use, an Apple product. Power, ease, elegance, speed, and delight never go out of style. Imbecile.

    1. If he think Windows 8 is all that, its obvious he hasn’t seen or used it either. Maybe he’s still rooting/ shilling for Nokia. Norway is close to Sweden, right?

  2. What kind and how much drugs do you to be on to write 102 pages about nothing more than BS. Beside it was probably written on a Surface tablet with that POS keyboard. Doing lines with Ballmer is no way to go through life.

  3. What else is there to do than ROTFLMAO:

    Amidst a raft of problems — including ‘Microsoft getting its act back together with Windows 8′

    I really am taking a shine to the my new term: “Rectalist”. What a wonderfully descriptive term for these TechTardy assholes.

  4. this fu**ing Lindberg calls himself anal yst probably paid for by
    Nokia and Microsoft to write this kind os shi*, and Barron’s publish
    this piece of sh*t ? Barron’s seem to lost a lot of readers or business

  5. That’s like watching the sun rise in the morning and predicting it will sink back down at any moment. Apple is and has been ascending and I see no credible threat. Apple has gained the general public’s trust and respect after years of work. Now it is time to reap the benefits.

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