Canaccord Genuity: December iPhone 5 sales will propel Apple shares to $800

“While the stock hasn’t performed all that well over the past few months, sales of Apple’s marquee product, the iPhone 5, have surged according to recent channel checks,” Agustino Fontevecchia reports for Forbes.

“Canaccord Genuity now estimates Apple will sell 47.5 million iPhones in December and that the stock will hit $800,” Fontevecchia reports. “‘Bolstered by the iPhone 5, we believe Apple’s industry-leading software ecosystem and integrated software experience will lead a strong multi-year cycle,’ explained Michael Walkley, Canaccord’s tech analyst.”

Fontevecchia reports, “Walkley has revised his estimates of iPhone sales and now expects 47.5 million units in December, up from 45 million previously. He’s also lowered his March quarter estimate to 46 million units, from 47.5 million, as the earlier entry [Dec. 7 launch] into China will pull sales to December. Cannacord has an $800 price target on the stock.”

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  1. Previous MDN news indicated one Anal-yst from Norway slaps a sell rating and $400 target on AAPL and this Anal-yst’s AAPL price target is $800.

    Anal-yst must be the education-free profession which only requirement is to know A-Z (if you speak English) and 0-9.

  2. As my observation is, if all or most Analyst online say buy it, than run and opposite ( not 100% accurate its near ). This are all speculations, 47 million iPhones come on. Could production line make that many units in 3 moth.

  3. Bolstered by the iPhone 5…

    Neglect ye not the sales of the iPad as well!

    What is going to be particularly nasty in the Xmas aftermath is just how POORLY all the OtherPads have sold, despite the ma$$ive $pending on marketing. And once again, as with the Amazon Fire fallout after Xmas 2011, there will be MA$$IVE RETURN$ of the OtherPads, driving iPad sales even further. I believe the correct term we use here at MDN is ‘bloodbath‘.

    $800 a share for AAPL? Well DUH.

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