Analyst: Apple to launch ad-supported ‘iRadio’ music streaming service next year, before ‘Apple iTV’

“Changes in iTunes 11 suggest iRadio music streaming will arrive soon, before the much-rumoured new Apple TV,” Rich Trenholm reports for CNET UK.

“At least one analyst believes radio is a sound salvation, claiming that iRadio is set to launch in 2013.,” Trenholm reports. “Richard Greenfield of BTIG argues that the Radio button in the latest iTunes software has been given more prominence in readiness for an ad-supported music-streaming service to rival Spotify, Rdio and Pandora.”

Trenholm reports, “iRadio is set to involve streaming of music to your iPhone, iPad or computer, with targeted adverts that know where you are and what you like.”

Read more in the full article here.

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  1. Sounds great. How about iRadio Streaming my own music to me? Put a few ads in there to make yourself happy, Apple. I can handle it. Or, tell you what… how about you mix in a few things I don’t own but you know I’ll like (I know you know) and then make it real easy for me to like and buy the song. This way streaming music to me is free as long as I buy 2 songs a month… Now everyone’s happy!

  2. now all they have to do is make it so it works on the USB connection to my car on my iphone 5

    sometime in the last month all my radio apps stopped working via my car’s USB connection. itunes works

  3. What? “Radio” is now a sub-category of “Music” instead of being its own category in the sidebar (at the same level as Music, Movies, TV Shows, etc.) so I’d say it actually got a “demotion” with the new iTunes…

    Also, I don’t see a direct relationship between “radio” and “TV.”

  4. I’m not sure why Apple would roll out an ad-supported service. That doesn’t strike me as the type of service Apple likes to do. Obviously, iAd with Apps is one thing, but in my experience, Ad supported streaming is a pain. I’d rather they use and Rdio/Spotify type service.

  5. Apple has never done anything that’s ad supported. They’ve made it easy for others to do it, in their apps, but not in any Apple products. I doubt very much they’re going to start now.

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