Oprah tweets ‘love’ of Microsoft’s Surface from her Apple iPad

“Oprah recently revealed that Microsoft’s Surface tablet is one of her ‘Favorite Things’ of 2012,” Drew blogs for Zagg.


“Then, last night, she tweeted ‘Gotta say love that SURFACE! Have bought 12 already for Christmas gifts,'” Drew reports. “Interesting to note that the tweet was sent from an iPad.”


Read more in the full article here.


MacDailyNews Take: Yeah, “Oprah” already “bought” “12” of them.

From her iPad.

Alternate headline: Phony sellout recommends shit to her audience.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” and “Myke” for the heads up.]

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    1. People care what celebrities think so they can start thinking that way themselves. Not that they’re allowing themselves to be led! People just want to belong. It isn’t just the U.S., either. Sensationalism is a global phenomenon, tapping into a deep well of universal human longing. It’s a club everyone can join but still have a private chapter.

  1. ouch, Oprah!
    quelle faux pas. boo-boo.

    though you’re our country’s richest woman,
    though you own your own OWN or entire tv network,
    and therefore can not be dumb as a business woman,
    you sure as hell just sounded like a Twit Tweeting that Surface is your fave, when you personally rather use an iPad, not to mention the 12 Surfaces you bought are gifts, cheap in your OWN opinion!?!

    so, your singular, tweet just hurt you on multiple levels:
    1. it’s silly
    2. it’s dishonest
    3. it’s commercial
    as you it looks as if you were bribed or paid to promote Microsoft, with no sense or sensibility, not by choice, but through greed or stupidity/dishonesty.

    shame. one would think you built your reputation on honesty. but i guess, no billionaire can be pure. plus you’re the culprit who brought us Dr Phil: you proved that our dear USA is the only country worldwide, whose so superficial and far removed from reality, that we as a population, are incapable of distinguishing to what extent, since we depend on teleevangelism and tele reality shows like yours, Phil’s, to tell us like it is, as if we can’t think for ourselves and need to be told how things are, how to think…everywhere else in the world people know what they say and why, only here we have no clue. we don’t need Phil to tell us, as we won’t change. lest you wish to use your Billions to influence our silly government to reeducate us all.

  2. Celebs know whose ass to kiss.

    New Tv shows like Elementary are tied into Win 8 and I’ve even seen magazines like Architecture Digest (!) with Win 8 on the Cover (I thought AD was a paragon of ‘taste’ ?).

    msft if spreading $1 billion around to promote Surface and Win 8.

    MEANWHILE Apple Marketing is ASLEEP at the WHEEL and BORED…
    dudes, where the MacOS X is better than win 8 Vista 2 ads ?

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