Apple shares rocket as stock seen undervalued

“Apple Inc. (AAPL) advanced the most in almost seven months as analysts said a two-month stock slide is unjustified given brisk demand for the iPhone and iPad,” Adam Satariano reports for Bloomberg.

“Apple, which overhauled most of its entire product line-up ahead of the holiday shopping season, had lost about one fourth of its stock market value through Nov. 16, since hitting a record of $702.10 on Sept. 19,” Satariano reports. “Demand for its products remains strong and the stock slide is unfounded, Brian White, an analyst at Topeka Capital Markets, wrote in a research report today. ‘The sell-off in Apple’s stock over the past eight weeks has gotten to the point of being ‘insanely insane’ given the depressed valuation, new blockbuster products for the holiday season, the attractive long-term growth opportunities that lie ahead and the company’s ability to distribute significant cash flow to investors,’ White said. He recommends buying the shares and has a 12-month price estimate of $1,111.”

Satariano reports, “Of 62 analysts surveyed by Bloomberg, only two recommend selling the shares. The average 12-month target price is $766.60.”

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  1. All those idiots who have been shouting thst Apple is finished are now boasting that they predicted it would come back. Just don’t read these clowns. They get paid by the word.

  2. I wrote 3 days ago that the stock had been manipulated about as far down as was possible and the rise was a few days away….not counting the weekend …. Anyone who sold is now crying because the rise will be amazing in the next three days….

  3. Topeka Capital Markets?

    You are joking, right?

    “Of 62 analysts surveyed by Bloomberg, only two recommend selling the shares. The average 12-month target price is $766.60″
    Would that be the same Wall Street crowd that was pushing shitty deals to customers even as it was backstopping it’s own exposure?

    1. You’re still doing the “it’s” thing, huh, Agent? Another poster tried to straighten you out on that, but you’re still there. If you can’t tell the different between it’s (it is) and its (used with possession), you’re a simpleton–and NO ONE should listen to someone who can’t tell the difference between left/right, up/down, right/wrong, hot/cold, and it’s/its.

      You are a very angry, vulgar, cruel, envious, unintelligent person who should crawl back into his hole and suck his thumb as he hates the world. Just sayin’.

      1. Cromwell
        Did you get your head off of that Pike?

        As to english, there is vernacular and standard. It’s is widely used in the vernacular and will join our language- it just has not been formally adopted by academia.

        American Standard English is a living and evolving thing- not a fixed canon set in stone. Pull that stick out of your disembodied head.

      2. I’m with Cromwell. Rules of grammar improve comprehension by reducing the chances of misunderstanding. Ungrammatical language also compromises your position in an argument by indicating a lack of education or even a respect for education. Cromwell is also correct in other matters.

  4. If you buy stock on a Wall Street brokers advice with no research you sure better trust him… Oh that’s right … It is grammatically incorrect to use the words “trust” and “Wall Street broker”in the same sentence…. My spell didn’t catch it.

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