Ballmer suggests more Microsoft-branded devices coming

“Microsoft Corp’s chief executive said his company would look at more opportunities to build its own devices, after the launch of its Surface tablet last month, potentially bringing the software giant into competition with its hardware partners and opening the door to a Microsoft-branded phone,” Noel Randewich reports for Reuters.

“‘Do I anticipate that partners of ours will build the lion’s share of all Windows devices over the next five years? The answer is, absolutely,’ Steve Ballmer said at a tech industry event in Santa Clara, California, on Wednesday,” Randewich reports. “‘With that said, it is absolutely clear that there is an innovation opportunity on the scene between hardware and software and that is a scene that must not go unexploited at all by Microsoft,’ he said.”

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer (a.k.a. Uncle Fester, Monkey Boy, Ballmer T. Clown)Randewich reports, “Looking to Apple’s success with its iPads and iPhones, Microsoft believes tightly controlling the design of both hardware and software can lead to superior consumer products.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Do it, do it, do it, Monkey Boy! Bring back the Zune and the Kin – and how ’bout a TV, too?!

We like your strategy. We like it a lot.

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    1. “FLOC” us to death?


      One of these days, a turd will stick, and then watch Microsoft gloat. Man, they’ll take gloating to a whole ‘nuther level. In fact, the gloating will become so obnoxious, it will rub off on their customers.

      Samsung television-commercial-actors are enjoying their presence in the market right now with their butt-bumping phones and action like that bothers some Apple people, like hannahjs and zeke and a few other romantics around here.

      You ain’t seen nothing yet. Microsoft will experience a reversal of fortunes in the desktop market place and none of us will be able to live with them!

      Apple’s arrogance pales in comparison to a Microsoft riding high.

    1. Naturally.

      But I think they’ve put the RRoD to bed. As for the Blue Screen, I couldn’t tell you. I’ve haven’t seen one since I left the workforce in 1994. However, I did see one during the Beijing Olympics on the stadium jumbotron. that was hilarious!

  1. The only Microsoft product I’ve ever liked was the Trackball Explorer, so much so that I bought another off ebay as a spare because they stopped making it. Rather pathetic that the only things they can make with any quality are mice.

    1. the only things they can make with any quality are mice.

      Give em a little credit for XBox. After dumping billions into the platform, it’s turned out pretty decent and once Microsoft figures out how to stuff XBox into a PC, they’ll slap their name on it and change everything.

      HP and Dell would realize the greatest impact and in all likelihood, Dell would file for bankruptcy.

      HP would embrace Linux or drop desktops altogether.

      I like XBox now and I bought one of the first Microsoft wireless mouses on the market that I still have in a drawer (screw batteries!) somewhere and I hear their keyboards have been pretty decent too.

  2. This is a sound policy Ballmer boy. Keep pouring cash into products that suck. And then when you launch them create nerdy commercials that say nothing about what the product does.
    As long as it takes.

  3. I predict a Microsoft-branded desktop computer is in our future.

    It’s controversial introduction will be met with a lukewarm reception as all of the features have already been exposed in the months prior. We’ll know what it will look like, as every screw and facet will be measured and quantified by every industry pundit on the planet.

    Microsoft’s partners will be powerless to stop Steve Ballmer from claiming complete ownership of desktop-level computing. Justice won’t prosecute because Microsoft will prove beyond any doubt, the rest of the computing industry has forsaken the desktop arena for smartphones and tablets.

    Imagine for a moment, if Microsoft took all of it’s corporate knowledge of the culture of XBox and built a desktop computer that “looked” and “felt” like a Macintosh? It’s not like that hasn’t been done before, but things are different now.

    The world is ready for a Microsoft desktop computer, that bears a specially designed hardware logo humming with Win 8 and that incorporates every peripheral they make, including XBox. Now that every Microsoft PC is outfitted with XBox, they can begin a campaign to marginalize the original Microsoft desktop computer.

    The most salient point I believe is, Microsoft would, at long last, have complete control over the entire widget, just as it has been with XBox for the last decade. Look at the history of XBox! It’s rife with failure and missteps but that has only made the platform stronger.

    Past behavior is indicative of Microsoft’s scorched earth policies with regard to failed products, but XBox is different. They didn’t scrap it, even after a billion-dollar loss in Red Ring of Death fiasco, they kept going at it. That’s different and different is a positive change at Microsoft.

    Microsoft didn’t abandon XBox, they kept throwing money at it and eventually rooted out all of the bugs. My 2nd-gen XBox is still going strong, after five-years. It still plays the latest games and plays well on my home network.

    Those are hallmarks of Apple Macintosh; durability and compatibility.

    A Microsoft desktop is not for me, but a billion people who love Microsoft would probably buy one and family after family will settle in with Microsoft’s direction for the future.

    1. I predict, if a Microsoft computer appeared, HP would compete head-to-head with Microsoft for the home server market.

      Dell? They’ll have to shut it down and give the money back to its shareholders. Either that or they’ll change their name to Alienware.

      Either way, the desktop arena is going to get a whole lot smaller. The size of smartphones, I would imagine.

      1. A billion! I didn’t stutter, you fucking narc.

        Everyone makes money off Microsoft and I say there are at least a billion people who are using M$ software to exploit everything everywhere all day long.

        You want to argue? Fine but don’t insult my intelligence with your limp-wristed psychobabble.

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