Survey: Majority of consumers under age 30 disagree with Apple v. Samsung verdict

“A majority of young people in a new [CouponCodes4U] survey disagreed with the jury’s verdict last week that Samsung violated Apple’s mobile patents. But most of them would still rather have an iPhone,” Cromwell Schubarth reports for Silicon Valley / San Jose Business Journal.

The survey “involved 2,125 young consumers between the ages of 18-30 who said they owned neither an Apple nor Samsung product,” Schubarth reports. “Finding such a group would seem no mean feat, given the ubiquity of mobile devices you might expect that demographic to own and the dominance of the two companies in that space.”

Schubarth reports, “When asked if they agreed with the jury, 55 percent said no and 41 percent said yes. Among those who didn’t like the verdict, 71 percent said it was ‘unfair,’ 53 percent said it ‘hindered’ creativity and innovation and 21 percent said it was an example of Apple taking over in the world of tech. Among those who agreed with the jury, 63 percent said they felt Samsung had stolen designs from Apple and 48 percent said that Samsung phones and products ‘were of lower quality and design’ than iPhones. About 78 percent said the ruling would not put them off purchasing Samsung products in future, but 52 percent said they would rather buy an Apple product over one from Samsung.”

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MacDailyNews Take: People who own neither an Apple nor Samsung product are a unique group. Among those who didn’t like the verdict, 100% believe cloud computing involves actual clouds floating in the sky. For those people, we offer the following bits of education:

Apple’s products came first, then Samsung’s:

Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy Tab Trade Dress Infringement

Here’s what Google’s Android looked like before and after Apple’s iPhone:

Google Android before and after Apple iPhone

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  1. These are the same people that will tell you that musicians don’t deserve to be paid for music, studios don’t deserve to be paid for their movies and software companies don’t deserve to be paid for the products. — The entitlement generation.

  2. People who own neither an Apple product nor a Samsung product are likely owners of Android products made by other manufacturers. It is entirely unsurprising that they would feel this way about Apple’s recent victory because they use devices that also likely infringe Apple’s IP. A better survey group would have excluded only iOS owners (not Mac owners) and would have also excluded Android owners (not just owners of Samsung Android products)

  3. Well look we have another baseless survey with a demographic that diesjt ihave a clue what they had been asked and idea at all about technology IP issues.

    Should just asked preschoolers sine they wouldn’t have a clue what was being asked also.

    Another Click Bait Story for the SV/ B Journal.

  4. 71 percent said it was ‘unfair,’ 53 percent said it ‘hindered’ creativity and innovation and 21 percent said it was an example of Apple taking over in the world of tech

    Thus my phrase: TechTardiness Is Rampant

    This is the kind of world stupid people want to create. What was that movie’s name?

  5. Why does MDN keep showing us these pictures? Frankly Samsung products do not look anything like Apple products no more than the 20 or TV makers who’s TV’s all look alike.

    I have both the new iPad and the Galaxy tab 10.1 and trust me they do not even come close to looking alike! Side by side you know which is which and quality wise, Apple simply knocks it out of the Park. Grow up! Aye Aye Aye!

  6. Its all part of the entitlement generation.
    Because they were raised by people who handed them everything they now expect that everything be handed to them throughout life.

    Hate to break it to them but this isn’t how it work.

  7. Under 30’s have been bought up in a period where corruption and theft have infiltrated society to a point where it’s accepted. Its no wonder they see theft by Samsung (and others) as a normal part of daily life and doing business. Its sad that innovation, loyalty, morality, honesty have become forgotten and replaced with the need for power, greed, self indulgence and screw the rest of the world, whats in it for me.

    Sooo, when do I get my golden parachute?

  8. Note: the following is NOT a political comment, but a philosophical one.

    “A young man who is not a liberal has no heart.
    “An older man who is not a conservative has no brain.”

    The “liberal” attitude is that knowledge and accomplishments should be shared for the good of all, which is a laudable attitude, in isolation. However, it fails to take into account the chilling effect that a lack of reward for effort has on the urge to innovate. It’s unsurprising that young people feel this way.

    1. OK, blurring the lines here, but the premise holds…… In a day when Disney can extend copyright on the mouse to centuries its no wonder that reasonable people long for a little more free exchange of info for the good and betterment of everyone.

      The original intent of patents and copyrights was to allow a short period of exclusive right to the creator, to profit and be rewarded for his/her hard work. After that short reasonable period, it was open game. It was a good system, a creator had to be more than a one trick pony. After the short period expired, the creator had to be creative and productive to keep getting profits and rewards.

      Corps like MS, Disney, and most others are the WORST for entitlement. They want to produce a single thing, and get paid for it forever. Others like Samsung don’t want to risk or work to develop something amazing, and just want to copy.

      The original way was best, very short limited protection to keep companies and individuals moving forward, strict penalties for people or companies in violation. Copiers couldn’t have easy immediate access, everyone was forced (OK, encouraged) to innovate and produce

  9. “But stealing is so cool!”

    I just don’t understand this attitude. Either theft is ok, or people don’t remember what phones were like prior to 2007. All these companies had how many years to figure out how to make a smart phone work before Apple produced the iPhone? And I bet the same majority of youth have no idea what the NDAA is. Yet more evidence that what passes for civilization in these parts is in decline.

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