Survey: Majority of consumers under age 30 disagree with Apple v. Samsung verdict

“A majority of young people in a new [CouponCodes4U] survey disagreed with the jury’s verdict last week that Samsung violated Apple’s mobile patents. But most of them would still rather have an iPhone,” Cromwell Schubarth reports for Silicon Valley / San Jose Business Journal.

The survey “involved 2,125 young consumers between the ages of 18-30 who said they owned neither an Apple nor Samsung product,” Schubarth reports. “Finding such a group would seem no mean feat, given the ubiquity of mobile devices you might expect that demographic to own and the dominance of the two companies in that space.”

Schubarth reports, “When asked if they agreed with the jury, 55 percent said no and 41 percent said yes. Among those who didn’t like the verdict, 71 percent said it was ‘unfair,’ 53 percent said it ‘hindered’ creativity and innovation and 21 percent said it was an example of Apple taking over in the world of tech. Among those who agreed with the jury, 63 percent said they felt Samsung had stolen designs from Apple and 48 percent said that Samsung phones and products ‘were of lower quality and design’ than iPhones. About 78 percent said the ruling would not put them off purchasing Samsung products in future, but 52 percent said they would rather buy an Apple product over one from Samsung.”

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MacDailyNews Take: People who own neither an Apple nor Samsung product are a unique group. Among those who didn’t like the verdict, 100% believe cloud computing involves actual clouds floating in the sky. For those people, we offer the following bits of education:

Apple’s products came first, then Samsung’s:

Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy Tab Trade Dress Infringement

Here’s what Google’s Android looked like before and after Apple’s iPhone:

Google Android before and after Apple iPhone

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    1. In part it’s due to the fact they don’t get that any company has a right to defend their intellectual property. all they hear is half the story and don’t understand what’s involved.Companies have a responsibility to their stock holders to go after any one in court those that violate their patents, and with the comments Samsung made after the trial was over, it’s no wonder.

      1. Youth is wasted on the young. All they see is their own selfish need and have this idealized idea of tech Utopia. No clue about the real world. But once they’re business people they’ll get it in spades. Once you compare it in terms that reveal their own interests get hurt they usually come around (like the Andy Ihnatko comparison that it’s doubtful he would want people stealing and reposting his commentary for their own profit). Or just stay stupid. Funny how some people don’t get the idea of intellectual property. I hate to tell them but the hippie movement mostly died a long time ago.

          1. Every heard of GB Shaw? Studied him in 10th grade and my little bro is in the middle of that now. In those days seems like copyrighting wasn’t the flavor of the day (patents aren’t used for literary works.)

            1. Off the top of my head and if I remember correctly, the bald pipe smoking newspaper reader sitting on his front porch proclaimed, “oh, youth is wasted on the wrong people.”

    2. They’re not all stupid:

      Mitt Romney now holds 40% of the youth vote in America — a cause for alarm for the Democratic incumbent, and a milestone for his Republican opponent. What accounts for this sudden shift, and how can Obama recapture his former popularity?

      John Zogby of JZ Analytics reports that more citizens between the ages of 18-29 are favoring the conservative podium. He proclaims that these “CENGAS” (“college-educated, not going anywhere” folks) are noteworthy voters in the 2012 Election. The frustration of 1.5 million unemployed B.A. graduates is rising, pushing them away from Obama and towards Romney.

      1. A republican with 40% of the youth vote, that is alarming since young people are generally more liberal (Democratic) That 40% would see through Obama’s BS and realize they were swindled and hoodwinked is a sign of just how bad a pres he is.

        ON TOPIC with the under age 30 disagree with the verdict…… Hard to say. Not to paint in too broad a stroke, but if none of these 2200 owned a samsung or apple device, that would put them and their families into a pretty low income group. Can you say entitlement (Welfare) mentality? No surprise that they want to ‘fight the man’ to keep the free to cheap stuff coming

      2. BWAHAHAHAHA! Gotta love these Neo-Con-Job suckers. Relentlessly clueless. Bombastic in their buffoonery. Idiocracy, here we come! Yeah!

        I found this wonderful phrase yesterday:
        “If you have to prevent people from voting to win, your ideas suck.”

        Here come the inane reprisals. But remember: YOU started it! And also remember: No I’m not a ‘LibTard’. I hate BOTH of our puppets-to-the-Corporate-Oligarchy US PoliTard parties! I think in 3-D.

      3. “College graduates should not have to live out their 20s in their childhood bedrooms, staring up at fading Obama posters and wondering when they can move out and get going with life.” – Paul Ryan, the next VP of the U.S.A., August 29, 2012

        (posted from the floor of the Republican National Convention!)

      1. The pulse of people who DON”T OWN AN APPLE PRODUCT.
        Or a Samsung.
        Do they even own a phone of any kind??? Does not say. What did the questions look like?

        Sorry, but you did not demonstrate jack.

        CouponCodes4u. <<== Apple's Market?? NOT.

        How about asking people with skin in the game. That own the products, that actually use the products all the time. That spent their hard earned money on the products.
        That would have some cred.

      2. It made me think of this:

        “Rasdjarmrearnsook went out into the Thai countryside with reproductions of great works of Western art, and got the locals to respond to them. As far as these rice farmers are concerned, Millet’s famous gleaners are hunting for bugs, and the haystacks in the background are trees made of straw. So much for the old cliche about art’s universality.”

    3. Agree. For the under-30 crowd, “It’s ‘Flower Power’, maaaan!”

      In their worldview, all corporations should give their technology away for free to benefit all mankind.

      I figure the schools should have an economics class where the kids pool their money to buy $100 of a corporate stock. They’d *get* how the world works after that.

      But, hey, they’re under 30. Like Winston Churchill once said: A man of 30 who is not a liberal has no heart; a man of 40 who is not a conservative has no head.

      Typed with HTML syntax on my iPhone.

  1. As technology advances and is more prevalent than ever in our lives, it becomes apparent that the population is also becoming dumber in regards to how it works…or for that matter to even educate themselves about the technology they use on a regular basis!

    Humanity has peaked and is on the down slide IMO.

    1. Isaac Asimov prophesied a future civilization that had descended into technological ignorance. As the power of “how to fix our machines” fell into fewer and fewer hands, power shifted to the technocrati.

      I think we’re a ways from that yet.

        1. Asimov had a more realistically apt notion than Herbert, but I see your point. However, much like Hari Seldon, Asimov was unable to foresee the approaching ‘singularity’ which some scientist claim we are within 70 years of reaching. Most Sci-Fi assumes we’ll be out in space before achieving the singularity… Which for all intents and purposes would make us somewhat immortal.

  2. They are wrong, but I will qualify that. Yes Samsung copied Apple on so many fronts and yes it was wilful. That is in line with the legal outcome. Though I do think that squares with rounded corner icons should be a copyright issue not a patent issue. The look and feel again should be copyright issues. The touch gestures are a bit of both. The technology behind it should be patentable and the rest should be copyright. Android phones do use more up to date technology and the iPhone is an overall better experience. Yet this does not mean the end of Samsung. They might have to take their phones off the market until they have a new phone that is not a clone.

    1. I think I wanna scream when people bring up the “you can’t patent rectangles with rounded corners.” It’s about much more than that trite observation. Arguments like that take the simplest detail and make an emotional argument trying to deflect from the actual important infringement issues.

      1. I am no expert but my overall belief is that this is not the anti development nightmare that some in the media are painting this as. There needs to be speedier patent/copyright settlements otherwise this will leave millions with unsupported devices. Oh and my next phone will be an iPhone. I have seen some android phones and am not impressed.

    2. If it hasn’t been done before, it is patentable, and that is the issue. Look and feel are very real aspects of a product’s identity. When you copy what someone else does, something that makes the original product distinctive, you are violating protected original art/technology. PERIOD.

      It isn’t surprising that the demographic surveyed (and so many bloggers/posters) have no concept of IP ownership rights, their experience is to get as much as they can (regardless of ownership) for free. They do not consider copying as theft (think Napster). They are also the ones that the loudest when their jobs end up overseas, because their employer can’t compete against willful copiers, producing cheap knockoffs (designer clothing comes to mind).

      What a sad commentary on the value system of the young. Don’t produce anything original, and copy what others have done.

    1. I wonder how many people have properly seen an iPhone and a Galaxy phone side by side and not just the distorted and Apple biased photos that are constantly being circulated and used as evidence of Samsung’s trade dress infringement?

  3. If they’re American and went through the public school system about 75% of those people under 30 have poor arithmetic, grammar and spelling skills, much less be able to deduce violations of intellectual property.

  4. Product of a disfuctional educations system that puts a premium against companies. They are critized for work done and enforcement to protect this work. Instead , they teach not to copy the works of other in the classroom and fail to see how that create individual innovation and signature styles. Yet, how can they not see the same in industry? Few of the journalist can make this association as well.

  5. ‘UNFAIR’?! Boy that word seems to permeate the vernacular of the mindset of the young. Wonder where they got that from? Of course when you are considered a child at 26, what are we to expect from the upcoming generation.

  6. Well, then they should vote someone into office that can weaken the patent laws. Since the judge sided with Apple it proves Apple was right and the blame should be on Samsung for knowingly trying to get away with doing wrong. Apple was right, the law is the final proof. People should right themselves after that decision.

  7. The rate of iteration of let’s say an HTC or Samsung top tier smartphone vs. an iPhone is at a rate that was incomprehensible as recently as 6 months ago. Then HTC brought out the One X and Samsung brought out the Galaxy S3 and people’s perception changed again.

    The iPhone’s lead seems to have stagnated with the 4S which is seen as a retrograde step by many, a stasis if you will, with a concomitant shift in loyalty.

    Most non-diehard fans of anything, be it Apple, Samsung, or HTC, want the latest and greatest in hardware terms and I’m afraid Siri is a poor substitute for sexy hardware.

  8. These people do not own any of the leading smartphones, yet they are being asked for their opinions about the jury’s verdict on those leading smartphones ?

    Next week, CouponCodes4U will be asking virgins for their words of wisdom about sex.

    But thinking more about it, I might have inadvertently stumbled upon the explanation …… These people without smartphones have no friends and are virgins. Not having a partner, they need some other outlet for their sexual frustration. Masturbation makes people blind. Only a blind person would be unable to see that a Samsung phone is a copy of an iPhone.

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