Amazon refuses to show investors actual Kindle unit sales numbers

“ Inc., preparing for a big product launch next week, bragged that it has now ‘sold out’ of its lower cost tablet, the Kindle Fire,” Therese Poletti writes for MarketWatch.

“Amazon said it has sold ‘millions’ of the Kindle Fire since it was launched nine months ago,” Poletti writes. “Still, investors need more specifics on unit numbers rather than the vague “millions.” Amazon said that in the last nine months, it has captured 22% of the U.S. market.”

Poletti writes, “IDC said that Amazon shipped 1.2 million Kindles in the calendar second quarter, while Apple sold 17.0 million iPads. Apple, as investors know, breaks out unit shipments of its products, which helps investors compile their financial models… if [Amazon] really wants to directly compete with Apple, Amazon should cough up more details on its tablet sales.”

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    1. A Duh!! anyone surprised by this?
      They know they are full of shit. The problem is if they do show their cards after all their bravado that might have steered investors to invest more then they would be seen as Misleading investors and then its a job for the inept SEC another hopeless branch of the US government. Perhaps they can get the same investigator that reviews Maddof?

  1. MDN, no comment to correct the error?! What?! Apple does not “[break] out unit shipments of its products.” They break out units SOLD.

    AND their products are returned at a much slimmer rate than all their competitors. Letting lies sit uncontested in an article you post on your page is not the MDN way!

  2. What gets me is how the Kindle’s “success” is taken as an accepted fact by the media, when Amazon’s stubborn refusal to release sales numbers would strongly hint otherwise.


  3. Bezos is a liberal, probably a democrat, and he’s doing what liberals and democrats do all the time, lie and obfuscate. So its no real surprise we never to get see actual sales figures, because if they actually really released real numbers, their stock would probably tank

    1. jesus I am tired of all the political rhetoric on this forum…MDN should monitor ALL posts and delete those bashing bot Democrats and Republicans… They are a waste of everyone’s time And have no place here.

      1. Can we complain loudly about liberals and conservatives?

        How about bitching about communists and fascist?

        What about independents and non-voters?

        Don’t get me started on illegal aliens.

  4. Don’t forget the cable companies giving these things away free like candy when you sign up with them. I bet half of the ones “sold” are sitting in a drawer somewhere.

  5. Amazon sounds like the Romney campaign. Trust us we paid our taxes, trust us we will fix the economy, trust us we will fix immigration.
    No specifics.

    Apple is like the Obama campaign. Oh and Steve Jobs donated to Obama.

    1. Apple works for everyone.

      Certainly not exclusive to a political party.

      Your comments and avatar are at odds with one another.

      I’ll check out the convention speeches from both presidential candidates and decide for myself.

  6. it’s really bizarre that investors would buy amazon on hype.

    this morning it’s PE is 301 !!

    apple with way better income growth is 15 (smaller ex cash).

    and that amzn 301 is got WITHOUT amazon releasing real numbers!
    (I’ve always had a nagging feeling that big investors like bank mutual fund managers who are mostly PC excel users hate Apple with a passion… )

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