High-quality photos and videos of iPhone 5 front assembly, 4-inch display vs. iPhone 4S

“Media invitations to Apple’s September 12th press conference are expected to go out next week and as we near the home stretch, parts leaks will likely continue to pick up steam,” Zach Epstein reports for BGR.

“French blog Nowhereelse.fr, which has published photos and information regarding a number of ‘iPhone 5’ parts believed to be authentic, has now managed to get its hands on new photos and a video of the next-generation iPhone’s front assembly,” Epstein reports. “The difference this time, however, is the fantastic quality of the images.”

Epstein reports, “The pictures show the purported sixth-generation iPhone parts with vivid clarity and they also compare the front assembly to similar iPhone 4S parts, highlighting the new iPhone’s larger 4-inch display.”

Photos and links to more in the full article here.


        1. This from the person who’s been whining like an Everglades mosquito for what seems like forever about how much he demands a bigger screen, and now he gets a bigger screen starts whining about how shit it is! What the fuck will it take to shut you up? Oh, I know, a bloody great Samsung micro-pad with a 5″ screen that is hopelessly impractical on a day-to-day basis; unless you’re the sort of man who carries his phone and stuff in a swanky little holster over his shoulder. Or his handbag.
          ‘Cos nobody I know would try to carry something that size around in their trouser pocket…

  1. According to what Jobs was doing just prior to his death, this iPhone was largely of his (and Ive’s) making, not Tim Cooks. It will be a year or two before we know what those designs will look like.

  2. It has been more than five and a half years since iPhone came out. As a product line, it is mature. As a product type, there isn’t much room for maneuvering, and any further improvement will likely be incremental, much like 3GS to 4 was, and 4 to 4S was. The device already has the prefect shape, form and size; going smaller or larger would be pointless, as it would likely satisfy only the extreme fringes of the market who need a very small (or very large) device (or display). If there was any useful purpose of the Android as a diverse platform, it is to demonstrate that the perfect screen size is exactly the same as what iPhone has had since the beginning (since vast majority of Android phones have exactly that same size), and the market is largely ignoring the large (or the small) screens. The case may get a re-design, but Apple never goes for a redesign unless it becomes functionally better and visually more appealing. As far as the internal hardware is concerned, this will still just be incremental progress — better display quality, faster processors, more RAM and permanent storage, LTE radios.

    I don’t think Steve Jobs would have done it much differently. Until another completely different product comes and redefines another market segment, we shouldn’t expect dramatic, radical changes to the product lines that are already there.

      1. ???

        Stockhom Syndrome: a psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy and have positive feelings towards their captors, sometimes to the point of defending them.

        Who here is captive, who is the captor, and exactly where is the captive defending the captor???

  3. The unibody should be interesting too. I think it’s the first phone with almost an entire body made of metal?

    That said I do hope Apple has a “one more thing” in store for us. I miss those.

    1. Yeah I miss the one more thing – but that was Steves’ thing. Tim Cook is OK, but no-one, NO-ONE can ever replace Steve Jobs.
      The iPhone is the iPhone – it doesn’t need to copy Samsung and the other giant phones. They are pointless junk.

    2. yeah it feels liberating not having that glass metal brick brick in my pocket anymore.

      my galaxy s is bigger yet lighter–i can barely tell its in my pocket half the time.

      and I don’t cringe when I drop it like I did with the iPhone.

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