Apple’s case that Samsung copied the iPhone and iPad – in pictures

“With the Apple v. Samsung patent trial underway, Apple is making its case that Samsung’s phones and tablets are ripoffs of the iPhone and iPad,” Jon Brodkin reports for Ars Technica. “We’ve had extensive coverage of the testimony from our reporter in the courthouse, and we got our hands on some of the trial exhibits Apple is showing the jury.”

“These include side-by-side comparisons of Samsung and Apple devices, internal planning documents in which Samsung discusses features that are a bit too similar to the iPhone, and an Apple analysis of user interface features that allegedly violate Apple patents,” Brodkin reports. “Apple is showing the jury that once the iPhone hit the market, Samsung’s designs started looking progressively more iPhone-like. After the January 2007 announcement of the iPhone, Samsung started pushing out its own touchscreen phones lacking a keyboard, as you can see in the next part of the trial exhibit…”

See the exhibits in the full article here.

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  1. I like how Samsungs Actual products released prior and after the iPhone (up to 2010) look like old clunky button riddled brick phones.

    and Samsung produces a picture of “designs in development” that are clearly miles ahead of their current designs… and look very similar to the iPhone.

    they were not allowed in the filings. why? filed too late… probably cause the graphics guys were too slow getting the pictures mocked up in time…

  2. being a designer and artist I have doubts about apple chances in the case because Americans and people in general do NOT VALUE the work of designers.

    people will BUY good design like for cars, apple stuff etc but they do not value or understand the work the work of designers. Fundalmentally in our education system where (visual) arts education is an after thought (how many scholarships for arts vs sports ????) so the population eduated such in general don’t value it. How many high schools have you see put effort for getting an ace SCULPTURE or COMPUTER GRAPHICS team?

    apple is practically the ONLY tech company where designers like Ive were put in the SAME POWER ranking as engineers like forstall. Most tech companies before apple had several layers of top management filled with engineers and sales guys with zero designers. Apple’s difference is because of Jobs (who studied arts like calligraphy). Before Apple none of the big tech companies (look at ugly box pcs) gave a rats azz about design.

    as for the case I skeptically I think the jury will rule at the end “yeah, yeah Samsung copied the look, the icons, the shape….. but SO WHAT????”

    (big apple fan, apple investor)

      1. rather “my appreciation of reality” is disturbing

        I’ve followed some of the other cases where the judges acknowledged that HTC, Motorola, Samsung (whatever) copied apples design YET ruled against apple because “DESIGN patents do NOT trump consumer choice etc’ (in short DESIGN is VALUED close to a pig’s breakfast).

        in fact some Judges are so pissed off that Apple put forward frivolous “valueless design” issues into court that in England’s case the judge ordered apple to apologize in ads to samsung.

        other judges said that if samsung put a thin aluminium bezel around their iPad rip offs , that will be fine (galaxy tab in europe). All the work that Ive and his designers put in can be copied if you put an thin bezel around it !!!!

        (seriously people in general including Judges have NO CLUE how much work designers put into things like trying 50 shades of green for a logo: does the green look washed out when put on sides of trucks in the sun, can a newspapers cruddy four color process print it right etc. Steve Jobs who tried dozens of blacks for the Next computers could understand it, few others can).

        1. phareen is quite right and its not just a problem in the USA. the “copy culture” in everyday items is drowning creativity and governments can’t see it as it is frequently ignored due to the employment it creates !
          Good luck to Apple but I can’t see this being anything else but a moral victory if it goes that far.

  3. It’s clear from the documentation that Apple revolutionized the look and functionality of the smart phone. Wannabe copies were inevitable and Apple gets to point out that THEY invented the design and all others are copiers. Whether this blatant plagiarism is a violation of patent law is up to the court to decide.

    In any case, Samsung obviously have no originality or creativity. They’d be nothing if not for their skills at mimicry and shilling their cheap knockoffs to the public.

    Sorry Samsung trolls. Them’s the facts. They’re out in the open for everyone to see.

  4. I think the toughest question is: if a design becomes so good as to be The Only Way to do it – like a pair of scissors say – should any one company own it. And should there be licensing available do that other companies can use The Design by paying royalties.

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