Survey: 49% interested in an Apple TV, but not for $1,500

“Two analysts — Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster and Barclay’s Ben Reitzes — filed notes Wednesday about Apple’s (AAPL) much-rumored TV produc,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune.

“Reitzes, who expects Apple to unveil what he calls an integrated TV set in 2013 or possibly 2014, is concerned about the impact such a device might have on PC sales,” P.E.D. reports, “Meanwhile Munster, who expects the Apple to introduce a TV set in 2013 for sure, put questions about it to 200 consumers in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area — a sample he says is representative of a population of 300 million with 95% confidence and a confidence interval of 7. Among his findings: Nearly half (49%) of respondents claimed they were interested in buying an Apple-branded television set… But only 12% said they were willing to pay the $1,500 Munster estimates the company would have to charge for a 42″ Apple-branded TV set”

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MacDailyNews Take: Let’s see what people are interested in if Apple ever shows us what it is and how much it costs, okay?

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. Sorry to say, but I would never pay that much for a content consumption device. Content creation, yes. Content consumption, no. (I balked at the $600 launch price of the PS3!)

    1. I would buy Regular Apple tvs if it could access .avi, .mkv content instead of JUST their propriatary format… And no I do not wish to spend the time it would take to convert my 8tb library

      1. it doesn’t take long to convert everything..
        you do know that you can get free/cheap apps that can queue up a ton of stuff at a time right?

        Everytime I “acquire” anything in mkv/avi etc I just convert it.
        same with audio.
        I want a portable format that ANY thing I own can use. and thats mp4/m4v/mp3 etc.

        I use iTunes for all my media, so avi/mkv is useless to me. takes me a few clicks to get everything converted.
        granted If I want to watch something right away and not convert… VLC.
        but I load up a bunch of stuff before I head to bed, next morning, everything is ready to import to iTunes.

        and then I can view on iPhone/iPad/ATV/Any Mac/my Linux Box etc. even my PC I still own..

        get rid of old formats. (avi)
        mkv is good if you use a 3rd party HTPC setup, but this is a Mac site.. we generally use iTunes, which means no mkv.
        only thing mkv has over m4v is DTS.

        1. Any app recommendations for video conversion? Especially something that doesn’t have an esoteric UI with boatload of options that require being a video professional to use properly?

          The fewer the better. I’ve got about three Apps from the app store and their conversion success rate for some files (usually .flv files) is spotty.

          Two annoying features they have in common: 1) they create their own conversion folder, usually buried somewhere that isn’t obvious, and 2) they automatically send the converted file to iTunes.

          WTF. A big fat NO! to both these stupid assumptions on the part of their developers.

          As for VLC, I have found it pretty much useless. I don’t like its dual window viewing set up; it won’t view every .flv file; and I have never been able to get it to convert anything on any Mac I have, despite the rather obtuse procedure it has for just that purpose. Flash Viewer at least allows me to view any .flv file.

          1. I pretty much run two apps to convert/rip etc.
            One paid, one free.
            Paid= iVI

            It auto adds to iTunes, BUT you can turn that off. I did and have the file dropped in a folder, and I manually move it later.
            I honestly haven’t found a .flv or any file it can’t convert..
            Auto searches for meta data.
            You know how iTunes movies/shows you buy/rent etc have all the info like synopsis and actors etc, yet if you rip a movie and add to iTunes.. it just shows a clip? iVI makes them look exactly like the iTunes version. Either add to existing file, or during the convert. (See first screen in the pics)

            I’ve tried other Free/paid ones.. Just like you said, they create their own folders etc and generally tick me off instead of “just work”
            Roxio/iskysoft/xilisoft (Or whatever the name is) all do that crap, folders everywhere and don’t always work.

            and Free=Handbrake.

            Needs no introduction/explanation.
            as for a user guide… yeah it could use that 🙂
            Some say Handbrake can add the Meta data as well, I just never used it.

            With iVI you can try it out on their website first for free. They have 2 versions, the App store version can’t Rip DVD’s. Apple policy..
            the One from their website can Rip. I use Handbrake to Rip, I’ve tried all the other Ripping software really… Handbrake and DVDFab on the PC do everything. (DVDFab for Blu-ray)
            I do have an External Blu Ray drive now, was going to try ripping them on the mac one of these days, just haven’t gotten around to doing it.
            and no, I don’t like makeMKV… takes way too long compared to other rippers.

            But in the end it’s what you like using. I have no problem using both together. Some people will jump in and say use Handbrake for everything and dump everything else.
            I like Handbrake, I just like how iVI handles some things instead of Handbrake. I use both, and see no reason why I should dump one or the other. they don’t conflict.. both work great. (oh, and iVI dev… responds to emails if you have a problem 😛 )

            VLC I like, but yeah… quirks. converting with VLC, I gave up.
            I read that you can Rip with VLC… yeah, I gave up also.

    2. The PS3 does not include a HDTV. The PS3 does not have a Mac OSX or next generation iOS device in it that is ready to use iOS apps. The PS3 does not work with all the Apple products and devices in my house. How many can I get? Will it have the same quality as my last 2 iPad’s retina display screens? Will the new 7″ Apple tablets be used as gaming and interface controls for it? Will it come with 2 of them? Will it also be the DVR recording the shows ti Apples cloud so I can watch it with any of my Apple products and devices from anywhere on the internet? …

      Idiots. $1,500 may be to cheep.

    3. Jailbreak and install Plex. Read up on it. I can designate folders like ‘movies, tv shows’ and put them on the plex server list. The server then looks up all the artwork and stuff for the tv/movies automatically. Then it streams wirelessly to the AppleTV- or any Apple TV- or and iOS device. Most all file formats work, .avi, .mkv, .mpg, .mp4

  2. I said the same thing about the iPhone but as soon as I saw how awesome it was, I paid the $650 dollars for it. My last phone cost about $120 Dlls.
    So I guessing it is the same case in here, Maybe people say they won;t pay $1500 for and Apple TV set, but let’s wait ans see.

    1. I didn’t get the first iPhone. I saved up and got the iPhone 3G, after it came down a couple hundred bucks. Wasn’t able to do what I hoped I’d be able to do with it(that came later, when the developer developed a mobile site for their platform), but it was still worth it. Still, $1,500 is what I would pay for a computer, not a TV.

    1. No, it’s not bad news for Apple, at least financially, but it does cast an Apple TV as a luxury item instead of something that the common consumer will own. It makes it like a Tesla Roadster – something that people can get excited about, but you won’t see in the home of the guy next door. Kind of a sharp turn from what Apple has been building with devices for the common consumer with the iPhone, iPod, and iPad.

  3. The irony of the biggest Apple television fluffer culling data that dooms the device at a $1,500 price point is delicious.

    Apple will not make a television. Apple has what it needs to dominate television now in a 4″ x 4″ onyx square. It just needs to secure the content.

  4. I paid $7000 SGD (about $5k US) for my Panasonic 52in Plasma TV 5 years ago. Yes, it’s a great picture for 720p video.

    Paying for all the bells and whistles and a quality device from Apple for $1500 wouldn’t make me sweat.

    I cringed at the deplorable state of $3500 sets at Best last week made of plastic bezels that warped and twisted in your hand or had “ripples” in the plastic. All crap.

    Yes, guys, here in Singapore these things cost about 3 to 5 times more than you lucky folks in the US. A $2000 to $3000 display panel is common. Want anything even close to quality and you’ll spend $4k to $6k for your TV.

  5. Really Simple you idiots:

    1) Usenetserver
    2) NZBMatrix
    3) Sabnzbd
    4) Plex
    5) Roku with Plex

    For a hundred bucks a year that recipe will get you all the TV Shows, Movies, and anything else content wise you could ever want with absolutely no formatting, and if you add “Sickbeard” to that, you can do it all automated, and commercial free.

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