Apple’s new micro Dock Connector even smaller than originally thought

“Back in February, iMore was the first source to claim that Apple will be introducing a smaller dock connector for its iOS devices, with the claim now being supported by a number of other sources and evidence in the form of part leaks showing a much smaller opening in the casing of what is claimed to be the next-generation iPhone,” Eric Slivka reports for MacRumors.

“But other details on the new dock connector have remained unclear, with various sources reporting different numbers of pins for the new connector compared to the current 30-pin design,” Slivka reports. “Regardless of the exact number of pins included in the new dock connector design, it appears that the connector itself will be even smaller than originally thought based on leaked photos of casings seen so far. French site today posted a new photo…” Purported iPhone 5 bottom Purported “iPhone 5” bottom

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      1. No, they just photographed it the way that longer part of the new iPhone goes near to the camera, and this creates effect of wider device (unless this picture is fake).

        Recent report of glass size confirmed that it is the same width, but longer.

    1. It appears the headphone jack is slightly off center and the speaker grill also fewer holes on the left than right. Seems a little odd if this is a shipping unit or just maybe a prototype, assuming it is an actual product.

  1. iPhone is pretty light. If that’s a magsafe connection, I’m not sure it would pop out vs slide across the table and on the floor. If it’s too weak, it won’t stay in. Either way…I’m in.

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