Microsoft touts ‘major’ June 18 event said to showcase Windows RT tablets

“Microsoft has begun teasing that it has a ‘major’ announcement to make at a media event next Monday, June 18, while one report states that the company will show off new ARM-based tablets running Windows RT,” Slash Lane reports for AppleInsider.

“Members of the press were invited by Microsoft to a media event in Los Angeles next Monday for a ‘major Microsoft announcement,'” Lane reports. “No other details were offered by the company.”

MacDailyNews Take: Copying Apple is in Microsoft’s DNA.

Lane reports, “Citing ‘sources outside the company,’ Ina Fried of All Things D reported on Thursday that the L.A. event is expected to show ARM-based tablets running Windows 8.”

Read more in the full article here.

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  1. I want a measuring device that measures how much emphasis they put on the “our fav but your software won’t run on it” ARM version over the “crazy old aunt in the basement – battery draining” intel version..

    this should be good.

  2. It will be the new “Zune SD – 28901.467 XPR – ULTRON49XW #%=+\! – V2.0 XES”

    It will come in 32 colors and for the first time ever – TWO Headphone jacks for social music sharing, and TWO On – Off Buttons!!!

  3. I hope it’s a really cool CGI video, that shows how their tablet will levitate, and can fold out into a pod racer, and also produce a bowl of hot beans!

  4. It’s easy to make fun of this, but on a serious note: this, if true, would be one of the stupidest things Microsoft has ever done (yes, even including the ‘Kin). The RT tablet would fail on its own and completely alienate hardware vendors that Microsoft is trying to court away from Android.

  5. My friends know me as being Microsoft-hostile. I’m in a way, but I honeslty would like to see something to break Android even more. Windows 8 will have no effect on the iPad. Those who can afford an iPad will buy an iPad.

    Windows’s competition is Android. They will have to convince the market to shift from Android to Windows. That could either hurt Google of backfire and kill Windows altogether.

    For those of us using Apple products, let’s kick back and watch the show.

    For those Android / Windows users….. sorry, guys. One of them is going to die. There’s no place for both in the ecosystem, I think.

    Just an opinion

    1. What make you think anybody can create something cheaper then the iPad? Just look at the Kindle Fire. Sales have plummeted and Intel has never made cheap processors. Windows 8 is a more complex solution for a market that is craving a more simple solution. I used Windows 8 gestures on a touch screen. All I can say is that they are not intuitive enough to not ship with a manual. How has time to learn a gesture language to operate any system? It really is a mess.

  6. I hope to see them fail. But as with everything else- seeing is believing. Some people like MS’s chances, at least compared to Android. I myself have no interest in either, and could never understand why a few people I knew actually bought Zunes- if you’re gonna rebel, do it smartly.

  7. We just had the Kings celebration from their Stanley Cup victory so LA is having a proud moment right now. However, Microsoft is going to come and ruin LA by taking a dump on the city; oh, I meant have their “all changing” event here.

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