Microsoft touts ‘major’ June 18 event said to showcase Windows RT tablets

“Microsoft has begun teasing that it has a ‘major’ announcement to make at a media event next Monday, June 18, while one report states that the company will show off new ARM-based tablets running Windows RT,” Slash Lane reports for AppleInsider.

“Members of the press were invited by Microsoft to a media event in Los Angeles next Monday for a ‘major Microsoft announcement,'” Lane reports. “No other details were offered by the company.”

MacDailyNews Take: Copying Apple is in Microsoft’s DNA.

Lane reports, “Citing ‘sources outside the company,’ Ina Fried of All Things D reported on Thursday that the L.A. event is expected to show ARM-based tablets running Windows 8.”

Read more in the full article here.

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    1. We’ll see whether or not media attendees get any hands-on experience with these new tablets. If not, it’s yet another rigged demo from the Redmond manipulators.

      1. MS Windows 8 with gorilla-arm, touchscreen desktop monitors = epic fail.

        It’s only a matter of time before people realize what a colossal mistake this is.

        If you hold any MS stock, sell now.

      2. So, lets get this straight. With no knew ideas of their own,Microsoft had to wait for the Apple WWDC to finish to know what its roadmap was going to be. The behemoth photocopiers clanking away in a dark basement somewhere.
        That is hilarious.

      1. We’ll double the offer when you pay seperate shipping and handling. That’s two WinRT tablets and two Ginsu knives all for the low price of your sanity!

        1. But that’s not all, if you call within the next 30 minutes, because we can’t do this all day, we’ll throw in, ABSOLUTELY FREE, two brand new copies of Windows Vista! Stop using that old antiquated Windows XP; step up to the modern OS with Windows Vista! You get it all; two WinRT tablets, two Ginsu knives AND the free gift!

      1. Also teamviewer.
        Don’t have to have an account like log me in.

        Makes fixing pc’s so much easier, just download/install the client and tell me the code.

        Plus fixing a pc FROM an iPad… Priceless 😉

  1. I had a chance to use Windows 8 on a Dell based all in one with a touch screen. What a freaking mess. Gestures make no sense. Some you need to apply fast, some slow, some you hold and then move. The guy using it had to go to YouTube to find videos to see how the dreadful thing worked. I am not impressed at all.

  2. I predict another fail.
    Two fellows at our office the other day were talking about “how Windows will change everything.”
    They said the same thing about Vista and Windows 7.

    1. Apple does care as while you are a committed disciple of Apple, there are 1.3 billion users of a variety of Windows platforms and 66 million Mac users. Apple does care as staying on top is all about supply and demand and Microsoft appear to be quite serious about being a handfull to deal with on several fronts. Just compare Skydrive to iCloud and you quickly realize that Apple better care.

      1. Sure, and of those 1.3 billion actually use the OS by choice, purchased it, generate revenue for Microsoft. Thins are rapidly changing. If you don’t believe me ask Nokia, RIM, the defunct Motorola, Dell, HP. You name it. Apple is #1 right now.
        Your analogy is like comparing Honda to BMW. Sure, Honda sells a lot more cars, but what car is better?

  3. I want a measuring device that measures how much emphasis they put on the “our fav but your software won’t run on it” ARM version over the “crazy old aunt in the basement – battery draining” intel version..

    this should be good.

  4. It will be the new “Zune SD – 28901.467 XPR – ULTRON49XW #%=+\! – V2.0 XES”

    It will come in 32 colors and for the first time ever – TWO Headphone jacks for social music sharing, and TWO On – Off Buttons!!!

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