Steve Jobs advised Obama campaign on how to exploit mobile, social networks in 2012 race

“The day after Jim Messina quit his job as White House deputy chief of staff last January, he caught a plane to Los Angeles, paid a brief visit to his girlfriend, and then commenced what may be the highest-wattage crash course in executive management ever undertaken,” Joshua Green reports for Businessweek. “He was about to begin a new job as Barack Obama’s campaign manager, and being a diligent student with access to some very smart people, he arranged a rolling series of personal seminars with the CEOs and senior executives of companies that included Apple, Facebook, Zynga, Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, and DreamWorks.”

“In two long, private conversations, Steve Jobs tore into Messina for all the White House was doing wrong and what it ought to be doing differently, before going on to explain how the campaign could exploit technology in ways that hadn’t been possible before,” Green reports. “‘Last time you were programming to only a couple of channels,’ Jobs told him, meaning the Web and e-mail. ‘This time, you have to program content to a much wider variety of channels—Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube, Google—because people are segmented in a very different way than they were four years ago.’ When Obama declared for president, the iPhone hadn’t been released. Now, Jobs told him, mobile technology had to be central to the campaign’s effort. ‘He knew exactly where everything was going,’ Messina says. ‘He explained viral content and how our stuff could break out, how it had to be interesting and clean.'”

Green reports, “A certain awestruck tone surfaces when Messina talks about these encounters and what they taught him. At 42, he is tall and slightly stooped, with an innocent face, a flop of blonde hair, and a sheepdog friendliness made somewhat surreal by the arsenal of profanity he deploys when not speaking for the record. Messina, who’s from Denver, managed his first campaign as an undergraduate at the University of Montana and in the 20 years since has never lost a race. Before joining Obama in 2008, he alternated between running campaigns and working on Capitol Hill. He made his name as chief of staff to Senator Max Baucus of Montana, becoming known as ‘Baucus’s muscle’ for his skill as a behind-the-scenes enforcer… Messina is convinced that modern presidential campaigns are more like fast-growing tech companies than anything found in a history book and his own job like that of the executives who run them… Messina came to this insight through a relationship with someone keenly attuned to these changes and famous for having groomed two other young men to run a very large enterprise: Eric Schmidt, Google’s executive chairman. Messina considers him a mentor. ‘Jim and I met in the 2008 campaign and just hit it off on a personal basis,’ Schmidt says. ‘We became very good friends.’ …Last January, as Messina was beginning his new job, Schmidt stepped back from Google and Larry Page took over as CEO. Since then, Schmidt has become a kind of guru to Messina, an executive coach and kindred spirit.”

Much more in the full article, “Obama’s CEO: Jim Messina Has a President to Sell,” here.

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  1. Messina’s about to lose his first race.

    Jobs knew Obama is a dud. Very critical of him. Jobs told him right to his face that he was a one-termer.

    That Eric T. Mole is Obama’s CEO’s very good friend ought to tell you all you need to know.

    President Romney. Mark my words.

        1. Actually, *we* are working while you two are giving verbal good morning hand jobs to each other. Good lick, I mean luck with your other job because your are not making a living as a prognosticator.

          President Romney! That is so freaking funny! Hope springs eternal, but physics (a.k.a. reality) always wins in the end. Looking forward to your pithy comments and new MDN handle in a little over five months.

          Now quit obstructing so that the country can accomplish something worthwhile.

        2. If you are a Republican, why are you supporting Mitt Romney? It seemed like Ron Paul was the real constitutionalist. (If that is a word). I can’t figure out what Mitt Romney stands for. In fact he openly admits he wants to be vague about his message and is using “vagueness” as part of his campaign strategy. To attack and not answer questions. Who could respect a man like that?.

          You may or may not like Ron Paul, but he is consistent and what you see is what you get. I respect that, and he was more Republican than all the Republicans. Mitt Romney has learned that flip flopping and telling everybody what they want to hear over time has hurt him, so now he just doesn’t answer questions at all.

          I am an Independent yet if I were a Republican I would have gone with Ron Paul. He would have given Obama a great debate. Two smart people at the debating table for a change each with very strong and definitely opposing points of view. I like some ideas from each. (I must be a Fascist Communist, huh?)

          The fact that Republicans support Mitt Romney makes it seem like Republicans will support any Monkey the party puts up for a vote. If the delegates chose Newt Gingrich, would you support him too? He’s another idiot, yet I can’t help but believe that the Republican masses will line up behind whatever puppet the party pops to the top!

          In my mind, if the Republican party can’t choose Ron Paul, then it is hard for me to have any respect for the Republican followers. It seems they’ll follow anybody as long as he’s labeled “Republican”.

          Since I can’t vote for Ron Paul, I’ll choose Obama. Mitt Romney is the Male version of Sarah Palin. They are both a couple of Bimbos. (Sorry to all of you Palin followers)

    1. President Plastic. A Hollywood-manufactured, teleprompter-dependent mirage. Did you fall for it last time around? If so, will you fall for it again?

      1. Look in my eyes, what do you see?
        The cult of personality
        I know your anger, I know your dreams
        I’ve been everything you want to be
        I’m the cult of personality
        Like Mussolini and Kennedy
        I’m the cult of personality
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        Neon lights, a Nobel prize
        Than the mirror speaks, the reflection lies
        You won’t have to follow me
        Only you can set me free
        [ Lyrics from: ]
        I sell the things you need to be
        I’m the smiling face on your tv
        I’m the cult of personality
        I exploit you, still you love me
        I tell you one and one makes three
        I’m the cult of personality
        Like Joseph Stalin and Gandhi
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        The cult of personality

        Neon lights, a Nobel prize
        When a leader speaks, that leader dies
        You won’t have to follow me
        Only you can set you free (?)

        You gave me fortune
        You gave me fame
        You gave me power in your god’s name
        I’m every person you need to be
        I’m the cult of personality (I’m the cult of, I’m the cult of)
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        I’m the cult of, I’m the cult of, I’m the cult of, I’m the cult of personality (I’m the cult of)
        Ask not what your country can do for you

      2. “Mr. Romney’s entire campaign rests on a foundation of short, utterly false sound bites. The stimulus failed. (Three million employed people beg to differ.) The auto bailout was a mistake. (Another million jobs.) Spending is out of control. (Spending growth is actually lower than under all modern Republican presidents.) He says these kinds of things so often that millions of Americans believe them to be the truth.” —NYT, June 14, 2012

        Hah, it’s clear who else is rebooting their same message. This is the mantra of politics: never waste a good narrative.

        1. Ah…. just have to love another Obamabot sprouting statist talking points.
          Less people then EVER as a percentage of all who can work are OUT of work. Oops- did “Politics” forget that more LOST jobs under his favorite marxist then gained them (or as Obama likes to say “saved or created”)?
          Auto bailout walked all over law to give union buddies GM and make taxpayers responsible for the union expenses as far as pension and healthcare and we are STILL owed over $30 Billion dollars. “Another million jobs”? – nonsense… this was a payoff to union supporters only – NOTHING more…

          Spending growth LOWER under OBAMA – oh jeez, another fool who parrots Rex Nuttings foolish and already discredited “report” which basically encapsulated earlier assertions by none other then Nancy Pelosi (who is by the way one of the scariest people around). Only if you attribute ALL of your first year presidential spending to BUSH (as Nutting/Pelosi propose) do you come up with that RIDICULOUS argument that the current man-child in chief has not spent this country to near ruin.

          Politics – your ignorance is breathtaking – try going beyond CNN and actually understanding the game that is being played here. The push to have government own everything (including you) is the end game for the Progressives/Marxists/Democrats.

          Pure and simply – you are being PLAYED….

          1. PI2S writes:

            “Mr. Romney’s entire campaign rests on a foundation of short, utterly false sound bites.”

            Are you saying that Mr. Obama’s entire campaign rests on a foundation of short, utterly TRUE sound bites?

          2. Typical conservative talking points. Constitutional, you are only doing what you see in me of except I am holding a mirror up for you to look at. You guys are running your narrative just as Democrats are running theirs.

            In Obama’s video above, he is holding to the same narrative as he did 2 months ago. Why? because he knows it has impact and because he isn’t a flip-flopper from one speech to the other. That video is a great campaign device….for Democrats.

            1. (Coal Cracker, sorry my comment wasn’t meant for you but to Constitution; you slipped your comment in ahead of mine.)

              If Romney loses the election for Republicans in November, this could be the mortal wounding of the party for at least a decade. The party is already fractured and establishment Repubs, TeaParty Conservatives, Moderate (R) voters, Wall Street-backed congressmen, NRA, and Norquist pledgers are already pulling the party in opposite directions. The latest cannibalism is “who is more conservative?” as you all pit Republicans against each other with a vengeance.

              If Romney blows this, watch for civil war and a looong nasty fight for the future control of the party.

              (Democrats, we should coast easily for the rest of the decade.)

    2. Jobs also advised Obama’s campaign manager on how to win the upcoming election.

      But you apparenty didn’t read that part, because selective comprehension is awesome.

      1. obama got bin laden. for that he easily deserves another term. the republicans didnt want to get bin laden to justify there expensive wars and make there rich friends even richer.

    1. So you’re saying that you’d rather see Romney with lipstick instead of Obama with lipstick?

      They’re both feeding at the same trough. Cut through the supercharged 3rd party rhetoric and the actual policy differences between republican and democratic administrations are hardly different — both corrupt parties are beholden to their funders.

      1. Rmoney has a track record of enriching himself of the back of the common man. We really can’t afford to put him in charge. If we do, we’d better HOPE that he’s lying to get elected AND will CHANGE to something more sensible (like the insurance mandate he so reasonably defended when he was Governor). Otherwise the bottom 99% might as well ask whose estate they’ll serve their serfdom on.

          1. No, he came in, killed their companies, sold the bones and raided their pension funds. That’s what Bain Capital does. Workers with 20 or 30 years service were left with nothing. OBTW, none of the employees at those companies ever applied to work for Mitts on Rmoney. You will not serve yourself well to fantasize that Rmoney is good at doing anything other than that which benefits him and him alone.

      2. Trying to run a country like a business is the very root of our current problem. The two don’t equate…and the sooner we get both money and corporations out of politics, the better.

        I’m all for getting rid of our two party system. There is no real choice. No matter who gets in office, we get the same inane politics of obstruction. Our country deserves better.

  2. Yes, Jobs knew, and Schmidt knows so very much about social networks.

    Ping and Google+.

    Yeah, that kind of know-how will really help sell America’s first affirmative action president. The uninformed swing voters bought the empty suit, sight unseen, once. Even they aren’t going to make the same mistake twice.

    Romney in a landslide.

  3. Attacking Romney over Bain blew up right in his face.

    He can tweet all the marketing bullshit he wants, but it’s time to get someone with meaningful, useful experience back in the White House.

      1. Obama is The Biggest Government Spender In World History

        Recognition is starting to break through to the general public regarding the President’s rhetorical strategy that I’ve have been calling Calculated Deception. The latter is deliberately using a misleading argument to paint a false picture. That has been a central Obama practice not only throughout his entire presidency, but also as the foundation of his 2008 campaign strategy, and actually throughout his whole career.

        Obama is not as nuts as he may seem at times. He knows very well that he is not a careful spender. His whole mission is to transform the U.S. not into a Big Government country, but a Huge Government country, because only a country run by a Huge Government can be satisfactorily controlled by superior, all wise and beneficent individuals like himself. That is why he is at minimum a Swedish socialist, if not worse. Notice, though, how far behind the times he and his weak minded supporters are, as even the Swedes have abandoned Swedish socialism as a failure.

        – Peter Ferrara, Forbes, June 14, 2012

        Read more

        1. Bush Jr doubled the deficit. Obama increased in by .5% in 4 yrs, making him the thriftiest president in 25 yrs.

          Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Holland, Norways’ economies are doing great; I have been there and they have a higher standard or living, free health care, no homeless, clean and modern infrastructure…there is something to be learned from a combo of regulated capitalism and moderate socialism.

          1. lololololololololololololol!

            Where the fuck did you get that shit from?

            Point out some proof to back your ignorant point of view.
            Else, we know you are full of shit. Well.. We know that but I’m giving you a chance to actually show *some* intelligence.

        2. Regardless of your opinion (which you have a right to have and express), you re more than a little full of shit. If Obama is a failure, what are you going to derive from Mitt Romney? Really?

        3. Yes except for an unpartisan economic watcher, who has accurately tracked past governments debt, surplus, etc. Has said that Mitt Romney will create a 8.8 trillion dollar deficit in one term. 2 trillion more than Obama, if you can count.

      2. One of Bain’s most notable venture investments was in Staples, Inc., the office supply retailer. Bain’s funding enabled Staples to expand from one store in 1986 to over 2000 stores in 2011.

        The Democrat party has reelected a U.S, president exactly one time in the last 6 decades.

        1. “The Democrat party has reelected a U.S, president exactly one time in the last 6 decades.”
          Yeah. That’s because the Dems have to make all the unpopular decisions to clean up the shit left by Republicans.
          Look at Europe – which followed the Republican mantra of “austerity only.” It’s officially in a double dip recession. Spain has 17% unemployment; Italy 15%; UK 12%; Ireland 18%; Greece 23%. And the US? 8.2%. The US has an economy that is growing, albeit slowly, whereas Europe is still contracting. And all this despite the Republicans’ best attempts to force the very measures that are killing Europe on this country. The Republicans who vote against their own measures in case it makes Obama look good. Republicans, who have publicly stated that their primary goal is to defeat Obama. Not to help the country. Not to help reduce unemployment. Not to create jobs or improve the economy. Just further their own political agenda. That should be treason.

            1. All countries under-report the unemployment number. All of them. But even the conservative think-tank American Enterprise Institute estimates it between 9.5 and 10.4%. Still massively behind the Europeans, who also are under reporting.
              As for the inane comments below from Mario and Coal Cracker – the week is over boys. It’s time for you to go have sex with your sisters.

            2. Inane comments and sex with my sister? I don’t have a sister. Puhleeze! Ask your mother what she thinks about your comments and hope she is doing fine.

          1. yeah I love how the left prop Clinton up as the best president that ever lived, next to Obama of course…
            Then when he says something against Obama, he’s senile.

    1. Yeah, like Bush. Wait a minute…Bush was a playboy and a drunk. His family name got him a sweet deal into the Rangers as a way to funnel him money. His own father – a very respectable statesman who I would vote for again – cannot abide what he did to the office. Bush’s sole claim to “experience” was as governor of Texas, and that office is weak and fairly worthless. So you tout experience when it suits you, and look the other way when it doesn’t?

      Romney isn’t the goose that craps out jobs. It is a fool’s fantasy.

  4. Frankly, as an American I am embarrassed that Obama and Romney are the last two standing we have to choose from!!!

    The Democratic / Political process in 2012 are very very broken.

    I am changing my affiliation to independent, and I am compelled to reject both the Republican and Democratic platforms.

  5. I don’t want a president elected based on who has the slickest social media campaign. I want someone who will actually do whatever it takes to change the course America is headed. Someone willing to make big cuts to government and reign in spending. Our deficit is staggering and we can’t even get a balanced budget.

    We need job growth and a new approach to education.

    Tort reform is required as we’ve become a too litigious society, too quick to blame others and sue to get rich quick.

    The politicians should set an example instead of being a disgrace. They should get pay cuts and crippled benefits to mirror the private sector.

    No more lobbiests. You don’t give millions of dollars without expecting something in return.

    Just give me one politician who makes decisions based on what’s in America’s best interest and not what’s going to get them re-elected.

      1. All non-partisan economists agree that the biggest element of the US deficit is the Bush tax cuts. They disagree over the exact proportion – between 55% and 70% – but there is no doubt that Bush’s immense blunder of tax cuts while starting two wars is what has caused the US deficit to be so big.
        Meanwhile Obama spends money rescuing the auto industry (which Bain Capital refused to invest in and which is now profitable) and Romney has publicly – and laughably – stated he takes a lot of credit for it. That’s another million+ profitable jobs saved by Obama.

        1. Rescuing the auto industry????

          Not really. More like stealing the bankrupt company from the owners and illegally giving it to the Unions who take all their member’s dues and funnel them to the Democrat party.

          Pretty slimey, ay…….

      1. As an independent, Ron Paul has some interesting ideas. Government is big business funded not by the selling of goods, rather by the collection of tax money from citizens. I would feel better about a candidate with solid business experience as opposed to next to nothing. Throw in efficiency and mindful of the consumer (taxpayer) is certainly a relief …

  6. The majority of gullible voters in the USA flop in front of a TV or play games and text while driving, all the time being indoctrinated by the media, which is 95% left wing. So Obama’s opponent needs to start exposing the socialist for what he is – an empty suited puppet with a ‘One world Order’ agenda.

    For a lot of voting welfare shirkers Obama is going to buy them a house and a car with his ‘Stash’. For ‘Stash’ watch this.

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