Reg Hardware reviews Apple’s MacBook Pro with Retina display: Drool-worthy

“You’ve got to hand it to Apple. Having created the first Ultrabook about three years before Intel even got around to coining the brand, it has now taken another step forward with the new MacBook Pro With Retina Display,” Stephen Dean reports for Reg Hardware. “In effect, this is the MacBook Air Pro – a slim, lightweight laptop that also provides professional-level performance. And a stonkingly good screen thrown in for good measure.”

“This model may come under the ‘Pro’ banner but it could certainly qualify as an Air as it measures just 18mm thick, compared to 24mm for the standard MacBook Pros and 17mm for the 13in MacBook Air,” Dean reports. “It’s lighter too than the other Pros too. It’s 2.02kg, which is just less than the 2.06kg 13in MacBook Pro; the 15in MBP is 2.56kg.”

Dean reports, “It’s hard not to admire the all-round quality of Apple’s latest release. The Retina display leaves every other laptop display we’ve ever seen trailing in its wake. But just as important is the fact that Apple has managed to significantly reduce the size and weight of this Pro model without compromising performance… The MacBook Pro With Retina Display is a quality piece of kit that will have every Mac-loving pro semi-pro user on the planet drooling to get their hands on one.”

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  1. The pressure is really on the competitors now.

    My guess is Apple will buy the entire supply of high res laptop screens for at least the next year.

    Apple has put App software, OS, hardware and device integration on a performance level that is going to sink some other players.

    1. No, it is not. I have the best PC alternative next to my MBP november 2010. This HP Elitebook 2i7 with 16GB and 500GB is great quality in a theoretical sense, but is is slower and a lot uglier than the 2010 MBP. Yet, that MBP was around years before the HP saw the light of day. HP did not see the MBP and thought “We need something this cool!”. They did nothing. They build the same ugly Wintel crap they have been building for years. The Beats Audio models you say? Ha, they look good in the picture because they are placed on a back surface and the lower part of the HP is curved down and black so you do not see it! This way it look just as thin as the MBP, but……it is not! Big big fail!

      So no, no, nobody will start building something nice WIntel now. So either get a MBP Rd or have an ugly notebook 🙂

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