Cincinnati Bengals go digital with iPad playbooks, join dozen other NFL teams

“The Cincinnati Bengals are going high-tech by putting their playbooks and other information on Apple Inc.’s iPads for all of the players and coaches,” Steve Watkins reports for The Business Courier.

“The Bengals bought about 110 iPads to replace the old three-ring binders, team officials said Thursday,” Watkins reports. “They join about a dozen NFL teams to make that shift. Most of those have taken place this season; just two teams experimented with digital playbooks last season.”

Watkins reports, “The digital system allows players to watch video in addition to studying plays, Bengals spokesman Jack Brennan said. It also includes other learning tools.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Looks like Amateur Hour is over when the pros choose their electronic playbooks.

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  1. Been using it for coaching since it came out and every coach in our league(s) (football, baseball, golf) has been using them as well. It’s to bad they are getting rid of the iDisk because I know they all use them to post video’s for the kids on their own private sites in seconds.

    When the iPad II came out with a camera, it was being adopted even more quickly. It looks like the “Pro’s” are just finally catching up with the amateur’s.

    As a youth coach, it’s a game changer and those who are not using them are falling way behind.

  2. The author neglected to mention that if the coaches want to add or change plays at a time when pplayers are not at the facility, it is easy to do remotely with whatever notifications they want.

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