Google is scared witless of Apple’s Maps for iOS 6

“At this point, the consensus of everyone from the smallest Apple blogs to the venerable Wall Street Journal is that Apple will dump Google as its Maps provider in iOS 6 in favor of its own, in-house technology that will bring, among other enhancements, 3D mapping to the mix,” John Brownlee writes for Cult of Mac.

“Apple’s move has caught Google not just off-guard, it’s put the search giant into a total panic,” Brownlee writes. “Need proof? Look no further than Google’s debacle of an emergency announcement today, in which they unveiled ‘the next dimension of Google Maps.'”

Brownlee writes, “During this announcement, Google coincidentally announced their own 3D Maps solution… coincidentally enough, just five days before Apple’s expected to unveil theirs. Oh, and they showed it working on an iPad instead of an Android tablet… and their app was so hacked together it crashed numerous times during the presentation. Can anyone say ‘rushed?'”

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MacDailyNews Take: “Caught off-guard.” Not having a mole taking notes in Apple BoD meetings will do that to you.

Google’s dog and pony show reminds us of Ballmer trotting out an “HP Slate” onstage just before Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad. It’s a move made out of weakness that reeks of fear.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Angel C.” for the heads up.]

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  1. This is why Google and Samesung fan boys always get to say, “we came up with that technology first, then Apple Follwed.” All of the Apple copiers hear about unreleased technology through the same articles and rumor mills that we all do, and rush to ‘release’ it before Apple. As a small example, Samesung is doing it with television UI. There are far too many examples to list. It’s just too bad they don’t think of it years before, and have all that time for trial and error like Apple does…

    1. Not far off from last night. They did a half assed Googlebeta crapped out rapidly and in a shitacular buggy form to try to beat Apple to the punch line. Google knew this was coming even as far back as when Apple purchased a 3d mapping company.

      1. Agreed! Apple has had like what 3 acquisitions of various map companies and map technologies in the last several years. Google had to know it was coming. Heck, I’ve been waiting for it the last 18 months and wondering why the heck Apple did the acquisitions if they weren’t going to do something with it!!

        1. Flinging stuff at the ceiling to see what sticks is out of the Microsoft playbook as is announcing vaporware products in an attempt to freeze out the competition.

          We’ve been waiting because 99% of the time Apple will NOT release something until it works. Works well. Works beautifully.

          1. Yes meanwhile apple is using tom tom maps. Talk about releasing something until its perfect. Funny apple is whack. They got more problems to worry about than some maps like them trying to ban the s3. Apple are the ones running scared

  2. The thing is, if Apple Maps flops, no biggie, Apple can just go back to Bing, Google, whatever.

    But if Apple Maps is a big hit, then Google’s mobile income takes a huge hit.

    That’s what happens when your main “mobile” strategy generates no income per the Oracle testimony.

  3. I agree. I’m not certain about the MDN comment about not having a mole in the board meetings? Hell, it’s been published in article after article that Apple is building their own map department for several years! But I do hope that Google’s ass is puckered tighter than dick’s hatband. Because Google is”evil”.

  4. Seriously. We all knew Apples plans at least a year ago if not more. What evidence is there that Google is unaware of this? The fact they are improving their own? Pssssshhhh

    1. any time you put in a search in google maps, say for “pizza”, all the pins that show up on the map are paid placements. They also sell the data I marketers showing who is searching for what in a given geography

    2. Google charges companies for map requests over a certain amount, they also have a package for using Google Earth data.

      Anything over 25000 map requests or ‘hits’ per day and I believe even one man dev shops have to pay for the data.

    3. Apple is slowly reducing how much they pay Google every quarter by replacing Google’s tech with their own. If Google doesn’t have a presence on Apple’s tech (ex. Flash) then they are hurting them in the only place it counts, the pocketbook.

    4. Thanks for the info. that makes this a lot more interesting. Nice to know that only paid locations show up when you search from maps. A little depressing though knowing that the closest hardware store might not even show up just because they didn’t pay up. Makes search in maps a little less useful.

  5. If they release a business API at a lower price (or free!), instead of the $10,000 Google charges to use their API commercially, it will be a huge stabbing fator to Google’s bottom line.

  6. Not “off guard”, of course. It was known from 2009 that Apple buys mapping companies. So of course Apple eventually would release their own service.

    Thus this Google presentation is just typical defensive PR measure.

  7. Somt think this is a big deal for google. They had to know it was coming and it’s not like maps from iOS is there bread and butter. As long as they keep there google search in safari they ate making money hand over fist.

    Apples is going to look so much better they are not going to be able to compete.

  8. But where does Apple get their map raw data and what is its coverage? Software alone doesn’t do much if there’s no data to deal with.
    Google already has almost global street view coverage although addresses are not always accurate: pins appear sometimes around the corner…
    Has anybody seen Apple cameracars shooting your neighborhood?

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