iphone 4 casesApple has purchased a small high-tech company out of Quebec called Poly9 and immediately moved the majority of its employees in California, Pierre Couture reports for The Sun.

In recent years, especially Poly9 has given birth to programming interfaces (APIs) for several large clients such as Apple, Microsoft, Yahoo, MSNBC and NORAD,” Couture reports. Poly9 based in part on the base maps of Google Earth, Google Maps, MapQuest, of Platial, Urban Mapping and many others to give birth to its applications.

Since the acquisition, the majority of employees Poly9 left Quebec to settle in the offices of software giant located in the Silicon Valley, California. Only two employees Poly9 have not followed the caravan for family reasons. They remained in Quebec and are now working on their own, Couture reports. Officially, there is still a Poly9 in Québec and it holds a single address in the Saint-Jean-Baptiste. It is known however that the headquarters of the company, located on rue Saint-Joseph, was closed a few weeks ago.

Couture reports that no former employee of the company was willing to openly discuss the transaction. One of the employees very politely said that they have signed confidentiality agreements.

Full article (via Google French-English translation) here.

MacDailyNews Note: Poly9’s website has gone blank, but The WayBack Machine reveals their work on mapping and telephony, among other things.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Denis” for the heads up.]