The motherships are landing: What Google’s new headquarters reveal about Apple Campus 2

Vanessa Quirk writes for Arch Daily, “When Apple revealed the plans for their new campus in Cupertino, the responses to the ‘spaceship’ were….varied, to say the least: ‘Spectacular would be an understatement’ ; ‘So disappointing…’ ; a ‘…panopti-lawn…’ ; and – my personal favorite – ‘Sphincter?'”

“The announcement instigated a flurry of analyses and criticisms over the meaning of the design for the world – the Zen-like significance of the circle, the role of architecture in this technologically-driven age, the legacy and hubris of Jobs – but produced very little discussion over its meaning for the company itself,” Quirk writes.

“Meanwhile, months before news of the “spaceship” landed, another internet giant was searching the California landscape for its own space to call home,” Quirk writes. “Still very much under-wraps, the new Googleplex will be the first time Google builds a workplace completely from scratch.”

Quirk writes, “These projects will be the Magnum Opuses, the ultimate physical representations, of the two most influential Tech companies in the world, and the two share striking similarities. So let’s clash the plans of these two titans and take another look at Apple 2 – but this time in the light of Google – and see what they can tell us about these companies’ futures.”

Tons more in the full article – recommended – here.

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  1. For many years Apple has been gathering the best and the brightest from all over the world. This is not just a business decision. There are an equal number of men and women. Hell, even the janitors in that place have doctorates.

    The Apple campus will lift off one week after move in. It’s going to rendezvous with Steve who’s really not dead, but heading up the move to Alpha Centauri where they will escape the rest of us. Steve is in an Apple orbital platform on the other side of the moon. It stays hidden. One morning Cupertino will think it’s been hit by an Earthquake, but it’s really the anti-grav drives of the new center kicking in. One quick “warp” jump and they pick up Steve, and poof, they will be gone. The only thing left will be a page on the Apple website saying, “So long and thanks for all the money. Boom!”

  2. If I were Google, I wouldn’t consider moving into new digs. I don’t see much of a future for a company whose products start with intense uninspired mediocrity and slowly dies from apathy.

    In addition, their main money-makers, AdSense and Google Maps, are facing public criticism for their greed, questionable use policies, and the ultimate stake-through-the-heart, betraying the public’s trust with the selling and nefarious use of their customer’s private information. I would wait another year before I go out and look at drapery colors.

    There are far too many new “answer engines” that give direct results to answers, ready to overtake Google’s aging idea of displaying a scrambled anemic results list of their highest paying advertisers that have similar keywords to your inquiry. Every subsequent Google search seems to produce a list that is less relevant than the last.

    Google is too much like Microsoft: Tons of cash, tons of engineers, and not a single clue amongst any of them. This could very easily be Apple’s future if they don’t stop with the “me too” lame ideas coming from their sales and finance departments.

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