Apple files Siri trademarks, faces lawsuit alleging ‘misleading’ Siri ads

“On March 21, 2012, the US Patent & Trademark Office published Apple’s latest trademark applications for Siri’s stylized microphone logo,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“Apple has filed six applications for Siri’s logo in the US and a single application in Europe under several key International Classes covering such matters as online social networking services, business services, telecommunications, voice recognition, reservation services and more,” Purcher reports. “On another front, a new Class Action lawsuit has been filed against Apple over Siri. One of the five counts listed in this new Class Action involves Apple’s alleged misleading iPhone 4S ads featuring Siri.”

Purcher reports, “Our report covers the basics of this new case while questioning whether or not this new trend of filing consecutive Class Action lawsuits against Apple is really coincidental.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Siri is a beta product.

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  1. What exactly does the term “beta” have to do with the ads being misleading? Whether the public knows what beta software means or not. The lawsuit is that the ads display Siri functioning in a way that is not true to real life. Why is it that MacDailyNews is the fox news of the Apple World. Your one sidedness makes it difficult to enjoy my apple products and being a fanboy.

    1. I have no idea of how you see the ads being misleading. I have watched the ads and have replicated most everything and more portrayed in the ads. Could it be that some folks out there imagine Siri to do more than advertised? Do they think that they have 100% cell coverage to be able to send and receive Siri based queries?

      1. They’re possibly suing about Siri’s speed, but Apple addresses that at the end of the commercials with, “Sequences shortened.”

        As for the capabilities, there’s nothing misleading whatsoever. The plaintiffs probably don’t understand how computers work and how amazing Siri is. There were one or more lawsuits years ago over HD sizes because people just couldn’t understand that a kilobyte is 1024 bytes.

    2. Many of us here are un-apologetically Apple fans. If you’ve witnessed/endured the Apple related bias and sentiments in the media the past few decades, you’d know not to take MDN for granted.

      Having said that, I would agree with you. Siri ad was a very un-Apple like. I so wish, Apple hadn’t featured a beta product so prominently in their commercials.

      If it’s a beta and your defense is to hide behind the beta-tag for all criticisms leveled against it, you shouldn’t be featuring it so prominently in your commercials. That’s being disingenuous. Not good.

  2. Is there any (ANY) ad in the US that is a true representation of real live results? Come on, tell me! Ah you, shut up then. Next case. A real one this time please

    1. You are right, no commercial portrays products accurately, or even close to real world.

      My pet peeve hotpoints are the fast food commercials, from Arby’s to Wendy’s. Every sandwich in their ads are pilled high and thick with meat. IRL, that would be 3 inches of meat. Have you ever had a real life burger or sandwich that big from any mainstream fast food place? NO

      Why not a class action lawsuit against those establishments, who have been committing fraud, misleading customers, and playing bait and switch for over 40 years of deception?

      1. +1 And my pet peeve…350hp family sedans racing through “empty” city streets at full-bore, suggesting that you too can cavort through life revving your engine and exceeding in-city speed limits while going to work in a large city (all while getting 32mpg at 4000 RPMs or higher even!!).

    2. > Is there any (ANY) ad in the US that is a true representation of real live results? Come on, tell me! Ah you, shut up then. Next case. A real one this time please

      Try not to talk to yourself. Perhaps you need Siri a bit too much.

  3. Suppose Siri wasn’t released as beta. Suppose it functions as it does in the real world. People have to understand that like an internet based connection, it isn’t always stable. As far as the accuracy, Siri needs a baseline level to understand what you are trying to say. Not knowing the behind-the-scenes technology, imagine a machine trying to figure out the difference between:
    A. “what is five plus five”
    B. “calculate five plus five”
    C. “add five plus five”
    D. “what is five added to five”

    You guys should try this with Siri and see what the responses are. I don’t have an 4S and can’t test it but see what kind of response you get.

    Siri, like a friend, has a method of learning and comprehension. Just because you may use slang or some deviation of language, Siri may not get it and you may need to re-issue your request a bit more clearly.

    As far as the commercial, I don’t see anything misleading unless no one can replicate the same result with their phone.

  4. First and foremost, yes I agree all commercials are not accurate. Secondly, I’m not agreeing with the people in the lawsuit. I’m just disgusted at the writers of MDN to be so one sided. I am a former Apple employee who still loves their products, Siri included. Lastly, Siri will not get girls to come watch my band play at the garage, so it is false advertising.

    1. Siri doesn’t “get” girls to come watch anything.

      The user asks Siri to let a couple girls know the band is playing. The Ad goes on to show Siri say “Is this the text you want me to send?”

      Siri is not a pimp. Nor is their a decent Pimp app out there.

  5. Everyone misses the point here.

    Apple has 100 Billion in cash.

    Lawyers just can’t help themselves.

    There is no case. There is just cash to make the Lawyers go away.

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