“After stringing together record-breaking quarters, bull-rushing the smartphone industry, creating a market-rattling tablet, and earning the title (at least for a little while) as the biggest company in the United States, Apple now has plans to reward itself,” Tom Kaneshige reports for CIO.

“Apple wants to build a futuristic campus in the heart of Silicon Valley. Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs describes the circular building as looking ‘a little like a spaceship landed,'” Kaneshige reports. “Apple is already known for game-changing architecture, shaking up the retailer industry with glass-filled Apple Stores around the world… But the planned Apple campus, dubbed Apple Campus 2, takes architecture to an entirely new level. The four-story campus is expected to hold 12,000 people, span 2.6 million square feet on 150 acres, and be operational by 2015.”

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Kaneshige reports, “On the design front, Apple Campus 2 has a shot at becoming an icon of Silicon Valley. ‘The spaceship concept is clever and indeed a departure from other landmark buildings,’ says Steve Yamaguma, president and creative director of Design2Market, a long-time Silicon Valley design firm serving tech companies… But Yamaguma sees mixed messages with the design.”

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