Is Apple winning too often?

“Last week, right in the middle of the silly season when most people aren’t paying attention, there were seismic events which changed the face of the technology landscape,” Rory Cellan-Jones writes for BBC News.

“They saw one giant name in America’s computing history – or at least its mobile division – swallowed up by another, and a firm with an even more prestigious past effectively giving up on personal and mobile computing,” Cellan-Jones writes. “And they left another computing Titan looking even more dominant.”

“Google’s move on Motorola and its warehouse of patents appeared bold at first sight, offering the prospect of a more integrated Android ecosystem,” Cellan-Jones writes. “A week on it looks defensive, and hardly likely to produce the kind of end-to-end, software-to-stores operation that generates such huge margins for Apple.”

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“And a share price which fell 10% over the week did not suggest that the market saw the Motorola bid as a stroke of genius,” Cellan-Jones writes. “HP’s hyperactive Thursday, which saw it dump WebOS, buy the UK’s Autonomy and announce plans to hive off its personal computing division will have been even less of a concern in Cupertino.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Cellan-Jones writes a bunch of malarky about patents stifling innovation. Apple is defending its intellectual property from blatant theft. That is their right to do so. There is no innovation begin stifled. At any time, Apple’s so-called competitors are free to stop copying Apple, cease dressing up their inferior wares to look like Apple products, and do something original for a change.



  1. Some of the comments below the article are just bizarre, for example;

    “Kind of scary how human beings can be so easily brainwashed by religious organisations, political parties, big corporations, … Apple is successful because it is run as a cult with Steve Jobs as the Guru. This is the called by Applet itself the “reality distortion field” so they do it consciously similar to any other cults or organization practising brainwashing. The pervasive use of the cognitively anchoring Apple logo is part of the practice.”

    Does that sound like a sane person typing that?

      1. Yeah, those wacky tea party people – I mean, seriously, how dare they push for a balanced budget, rein in uncontrolled spending, free and fair trade, smaller and more responsive government. So illogical.

        1. Moronic is more like it. Hold the country hostage at any price?

          Fuck them !

          The only difference between the tea party and cancer is that the tea party will definitely be eradicated in 2012.

          1. I agree that Tea Party should be more flexible. I mostly agree with their agenda, but, in politics, if your not holding all the cards you shouldn’t try to dictate. There is a large constituency that simple doesn’t want what the Tea Party wants and so the Tea Party should be a little better at compromise. Good Americans, yes. Good politicians, no. It’s hard to call it a movement when there is none.

          2. I love how standing on one’s principles is “holding the country hostage”.

            Meanwhile, you leftist idiots violated the constitution left and right to try and pass bills that the american public opposed, including obamacare, which itself is unconstitutional.

            The Tea Party tried to do the right thing, and you’ve got your head so far up your ass you call them morons. Meanwhile, your guys are blatant criminals destroying the legal framework of the country… and you’re fine with it.

            You don’t care how many children have to go without insurance, just so your fat ass gets a subsidy, right!

            1. Left Right – My ass !!!

              It’s taken a miracle and a brave president and bi partisan team to get an economical recovery underway, of the worst financial disaster this country has ever known, created by unregulated greedy multi corporate thieves (shielded and protected by the party of the rich). The second recessionary dip and market collapse is solely owned by the lack of any confidence in this great country, brought about by a bunch of inbred , uneducated and ignorant fucks that put the county second to their idiotic agendas and idealism (huh!), which they actually call patriotic.

              A landslide in favor of a decent, educated and fair president we’ve had in years , (who’s bent over backwards to show an example of compromise and civility, to a selfish mean spirited breed of greed) will end this lie. Count on it !

            2. “tried to do the right thing”? seriously. I do not think you guys are fooling anyone other than your simpleton base that gets their info from the crooked Australian who controls the loudest voice in broadcasting here in the States.

              The other 99% of the world is laughing at you guys.

              You know your “grassroots” organization is run by Oil & Energy barons bent on deregulating the energy industry so they can has many BP Gulf spills as they want leaving the public holding the oily bags.

        2. BUT… is very logical of them to have signs showing the President of the United States as an African witchdoctor, as Hitler, and a Marxist. It is logical of them to have signs calling for Medicare to be protected from becoming a government program. It is logical of them to be organized and funded by the Koch brothers.

        1. Funny to hear you say that, given that you’re just like them. Your politics is based on ignorance and self loathing, and your morality is completely absent as you seek to use violence against innocent people for your own profit.

          Apple never does that, but you leftist do.

          You know, Steve Jobs is a libertarian, don’t you?

          1. How do you know anything about me you born by accident fucktard?

            Steve Jobs is a born Liberal and Apple is testament to his kind of open mindedness and innovation which inbreds of your ilk will never be capable of. Now, do us all a favor and get run over by an engine because that’s the only time a connection between your brain and your ass will be possible.

  2. Google is not capable of an “end-to-end, software-to-stores operation,” especially when it comes to conceptualizing, innovating, and inventing. That’s why they steal those things from others.

    When microsoft had a near monopoly I did not see these sorts if complaints in print, and that company had vast reasons for complaint.

    1. I think Google only really wanted to take on Apple with Android from a “duck and cover” type operation where they could lob something out in the market place (Android software) and minimize their direct involvement. Buying Motorola and the expectations from that invites a whole bag of hurt, distractions and responsibilities for Google. And now they must deliver on a whole different level – an insurmountable Apple level and how many succeed at that?

      1. Just imagine where everything Google produces through Motorola will be perpetual betas. There would be a riot of half-baked, throw-at-wall, experimental products and the usual travesty of dodging from blame that they are give-aways and the users ought to be thankful to the eternally “do-no-evil” Lady Bountiful. With the newly acquired 7,000 bogus patents under its belt, Google has a license to vigorously steal, copy and pillage from others with impunity under the protection and horse trading of these bogus patents.

  3. I’ll tell you who the hell is winning on a regular basis. Steve Ballmer’s winning. But you have to lose to win. So baldie’s losing big to win big. Zune, PlaysForSure, Kin, sure those are carcasses of not winning. But what’s the consequence of winning? Windows 8. That’ll be a win so big that it’ll presage the Mac taking over the PC. Now that’s winning.

  4. No, Apple is winning too rarely. They should win basically all trials about capacitive multi-touch gesture-based UI in mobile products. And even then it is not “too often”, it is just what would be fair.

  5. Even Microsoft created a phone that doesn’t look and work like an iPhone. Is it that hard to go get some really creative people and start creating something new? Patents don’t stifle innovation. They stifle people who cannot innovate. Anyone worth a damn is trying to create their own thing without relying on Apple to be their r&d team.

    “If Apple makes one, we should make one” is not a viable business plan.

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