Apple’s mothership campus: What’s the message?

“After stringing together record-breaking quarters, bull-rushing the smartphone industry, creating a market-rattling tablet, and earning the title (at least for a little while) as the biggest company in the United States, Apple now has plans to reward itself,” Tom Kaneshige reports for CIO.

“Apple wants to build a futuristic campus in the heart of Silicon Valley. Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs describes the circular building as looking ‘a little like a spaceship landed,'” Kaneshige reports. “Apple is already known for game-changing architecture, shaking up the retailer industry with glass-filled Apple Stores around the world… But the planned Apple campus, dubbed Apple Campus 2, takes architecture to an entirely new level. The four-story campus is expected to hold 12,000 people, span 2.6 million square feet on 150 acres, and be operational by 2015.”

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Kaneshige reports, “On the design front, Apple Campus 2 has a shot at becoming an icon of Silicon Valley. ‘The spaceship concept is clever and indeed a departure from other landmark buildings,’ says Steve Yamaguma, president and creative director of Design2Market, a long-time Silicon Valley design firm serving tech companies… But Yamaguma sees mixed messages with the design.”

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  1. I see a mega disaster when the big quake hits.

    All those glass stores will be death traps.

    This mega Apple campus be an area with a huge death toll.

    It will be difficult to locate any survivors.

    The dreams of many will end that day.

    Will yours?

  2. Mr. Yamaguma’s two (less than incisive) theories are that it is: designed like a castle with a moat, thus reinforcing Apple’s secrecy; and the spaceship look is “scary” because a space ship lands, takes off and is therefore “temporary.”

    Although he may have discovered secret underground booster rockets to launch this thing into space, staff and their screaming kids in the playroom included, this interpretation would make this “creative” firm’s credentials a bit dicey. On the other hand, if that concept for your comic book rattling around in your head for ages needs a “philosophy” for the media, get to him asap.

  3. I see a green futuristic design for the new headquarters. No messages at all. Why is it that people have to over analyze everything. If Steve Jobs wanted to send out messages with the design he would have included big billboards. But he didn’t because there is no secret messages in this design at all.

  4. It’s a big FU to Redmond, that’s what it is. It sends the message out to Ballmer that I’ll stick two fingers up at you and build whatever the hell I want that’ll make your campus look so small it’ll be like I just shat a donut in your face by comparison.

    And it sends a message out to the spaced out zombies in the Googleplex that I don’t care if Eric the Mole stole my IP, you’re going to be eating donuts and breathing my exhaust for the rest of your life.

  5. I remember back in the 90’s when the internet was relatively new, I said to myself, “Wow! Cool! Anybody can publish anything easily!!!” These days, however, I’m saying to myself, “Ugh… Anybody can publish anything easily.”

  6. The design goes back to the mothership, it’s a metaphor for the womb. Apple is the womb that gives life to technology that enlightened people use to be creative.

    Not bad for just finishing mowing the lawn!

  7. The building will be another Apple infinite loop. Thinking different would have made it a mobius strip.

    By the way, didn’t Apple say the Old Infinite Loop buildings would remain theirs? I can’t imagine why they’d need them.

  8. Isn’t it obvious? it’s to attract the right minds to work for Apple rather than Google, Facebook etc.

    This building is a huge sign saying, “COME AND WORK HERE!”

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