“Apple discontinued the iPhone SE in September when iPhone XS and XR models were released, but in January, Apple started selling off its remaining stock via its clearance site for $249,” Juli Clover writes for MacRumors. “Every time Apple restocks the clearance site, available iPhone SE models go quick, suggesting there’s still quite a lot of interest in the 4-inch device.”

MacDailyNews Take: Or they only have them in batches of 10,000 units. 😉 Point is: We don’t know how “popular” they are without knowing how many of them are for sale. We’d hazard a guess that if 4-inch iPhones were off-the-charts popular, Apple would have a modern X-class iPhone the size of the SE’s case on the market.

“We recently picked up an iPhone SE to see just what it’s like using one in 2019,” Clover writes. “The iPhone SE was Apple’s last 4-inch iPhone, and compared to a 5.8-inch iPhone X, a 6.1-inch iPhone XR, or a 6.5-inch iPhone XS Max, it’s tiny. Coming from one of these phones to the iPhone SE almost makes the iPhone SE feel like a toy.”

Apple's 4-inch iPhone SE

Apple’s 4-inch iPhone SE


Clover writes, “If you don’t care about camera quality, prefer a smaller screen, and don’t need to use processor-intensive apps and games, the iPhone SE is a compact, easy-to-hold smartphone that still holds up even in 2019.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s perfect for your mom – if your mom had a twenty-year-old’s eyes.

As we wrote earlier this month: Yes, during these rapid sell-out clearance sales, the SE seems popular, but that’s only when you realize that we have no idea if Apple has 10 million units in stock or 10 thousand.

This is Apple, so you never know. But that can also be good news, too. Hope springs eternal! We’d love to see how an iPhone SE 2 with a edge-to-edge 4.7-inch in a Home button-free body much the same size as the original SE would sell around the world.

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