“For most people, the thought of paying $1,000 for any phone is preposterous. It’s why I appreciate the iPhone XR so much. At the very least it’s a concession to a possible direction for Apple where iPhones stay well under $1,000, but are still great phones. Here’s the thing though, even before the XR, Apple already had a really good, more affordable phone: the iPhone SE. Many people loved it. It was small, had a fingerprint reader, a headphone jack. It was everything the larger iPhones weren’t and aren’t today,” Scott Stein writes for CNET. “And it’s gone (although it was briefly available recently).”

“Apple may or may not have a spring event this year. At that event, a new iPad or two, new AirPods, and who knows, maybe even the AirPower charging mat could appear,” Stein writes. “But more than any of those, it would be great to see the iPhone SE 2.”

“Phones with headphone jacks still matter,” Stein writes. “Apple can try to evaporate all the headphone jacks in existence, but people still use traditional headphones. Having at least one phone with a regular headphone jack would be considerate.”

MacDailyNews Take: Apple is not “considerate” when pushing the tech world forward. They are, thankfully, ruthless.

“We’ll see what happens over the next month or two. Apple typically has its spring events in March,” Stein writes. “If you’re looking for a low-cost iPhone in the meantime, maybe you should hold tight, at least until then.”

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MacDailyNews Take: All new iPhones should lose the antiquated Home button and 3.5mm headphone jack. A next-gen “iPhone SE” could then offer a larger display (4.7-inch, anyone?) in the same size case.

That said: If there were enough of a market for it and enough profit in it, Apple would have up-to-date [SE] X-class iPhones in gold, silver, and space grey on store shelves right now, not in the clearance bin.MacDailyNews, January 25, 2019

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